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fantastic weather Pat Steckelberg, Publicity On July 29, we again had a great luncheon.�? There were 17 ladies and lots of stories from the Story Lady (Mary Bartels). She always finds things to make us laugh. Desserts were provided by Karine Amundson and Pat Pratt â�?�? great desserts again. There were no guests, but we do enjoy having them so please join us and see what fun we have! The quarters were won by Edith Nelson, Barb Larsen, Elle Davis and June Wagner. The $5 drawing was won by Edith Nelson. There was no report from the cards, Dominoes or the bridge groups. Golf Report: We played Bingo, Bango, Bongo. (Also a point for not going into the rough and one putt). There was a tie for first by Glennis Stewart and Edith Nelson, each having 14 points. I have to confess to having the worst number of points (3). Well, what can I say, bad day. I (Pat Steckelberg) had great fun with the friendship of the other ladies and the weather was fantastic!�? There were�? eight players out�? today. Well, the�? days are counting down for the Ladies Morning luncheon and�? afternoon games. Hurry and come�? visit us before the summer is over. Golf usually continues�? till the weather gets too cool. See ya all next Wednesday.

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