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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Hot, sticky
night for golf Wednesday, July 30, was a hot and humid evening on the course. This, of course, required that the women take in plenty of fluids. This, however, has never been too much of an issue for W.E.L.L. golfers. Staying the course and, once again, having the low gross score for the evening was Jenny Chandler with a 37. This yielded a net score for Jenny of 33. Although this is an under par net score, it was not enough to be the low net for the evening. This honor went to Barb Ballensky with a 29 (21-22). Coming close were Leigh Washburn (53-23) and Ann Jensen (43-13) each with a net 30. This night there were three birdies. Jenny Chandler birdied #9 while Mary Gauer birdied #14 and #15. This evening the Quackson was won by Darlis LaBahn who had a specific purpose in mind for the money: her trip to Las Vegas. A small contribution from the W.E.L.L. â�?�?The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you canâ�?�?t see him laughing.â�? – Phyllis Diller

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