USD has colorful plan to help students move in

USD has colorful plan to help students move in By David Lias The process of students moving into University of South Dakota residence halls is always a stressful time, even under normal circumstances. This situation this year, however, is anything but normal. Cherry Street, which dissects the campus and, in some cases, is a direct route to some of the dorms, is undergoing major construction. The addition of hundreds of cars arriving in Vermillion on move-in day, scheduled for Aug. 30, will only add to the chaos. University officials hope to alleviate those problems by initially directing students away from residence halls as they arrive to check in. Instead, young women and men and their friends and family members will be directed to the DakotaDome. â�?�?Weâ�?�?re expecting about 1,600 students on Saturday (Aug. 30) of move-in day,â�? said Jeffrey Baylor, associate vice president of enrollment and student services. â�?�?We have first year students and returning students all coming in on the same day because we have our first Division I football game that evening.â�? A drive-thru check-in will be held at the Dome. Students will receive the keys to their residence hall rooms and packets of information about the university, all without leaving their automobiles. Students will also receive a map that includes color-coded routes, unloading zones and parking areas to correspond with their residence halls. Students will be asked to place a color-coded letter face down on their vehiclesâ�?�? dashboard. â�?�?The Department of Public Safety has coordinated with the construction crew to get us some signs on the west and east side of town where Highway 50 and Cherry Street split,â�? Baylor said. â�?�?We want to keep our traffic coming in on Highway 50, and theyâ�?�?ll all come in to the Dome. At the Dome, they will all get a color-coded route to their residence halls.â�? Separate routes have been established for students to take from the DakotaDome to each one of the universityâ�?�?s residence halls. Volunteers stationed along the mapped routes will direct students to their residence halls. â�?�?We will have the chief of police and chief of public safety here at the Dome with our team,â�? Baylor said. â�?�?There will be seven or eight zones set up with officers, and we will have volunteers around all of the routes. â�?�?We will also have signs with arrows along all of the routes, weâ�?�?re going to have traffic tape to block off loading zones and unloading zones that are color-coded, and weâ�?�?ll have student volunteers at each location. Everything is tied to the color of the route they are following,â�? he said. â�?�?Weâ�?�?re trying to avoid cars on lawns, cars on sidewalks, cars parked illegally on streets, and unnecessary traffic jams at unloading areas which tends to back up traffic.â�?

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