Arrest made for<br />tampering with signs

Arrest made for
tampering with signs The Clay County Sheriffâ�?�?s Office has made an arrest and concluded its investigation into repeated reports of tampering with signs and vehicle traffic using a bridge closed to traffic in rural Beresford in Clay County. The Clay County Highway Department had closed a bridge on 467th Ave. near 297th St. due to structural damage and posted signs indicating that the bridge was closed.�? Repeatedly thereafter, highway workers found that the barricades had been moved so traffic could travel over the unsafe bridge.�? A report was made to the Clay County Sheriffâ�?�?s Office initiating an investigation.�? Suspects were developed and warned not to continue the behavior on Aug. 22. Frequent patrol of the area and surveillance conducted by the sheriffâ�?�?s office found that the suspects were continuing to move and damage the barricades and use the bridge. On Aug. 28, Joseph Landeen, age 21 of rural Beresford, was arrested and charged with the offense of tampering with signs, punishable by up to one year in jail or a $2,000 fine, or both; as well as the offense of failure to observe road closure signs which is punishable by a sentence of 30 days in jail or a $500 fine, or both.�?  Landeen had previously been warned not to move the barricades or use the unsafe bridge.�?  â�?�?This really was an unsafe situation,â�? says Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe.�? â�?�?These signs were put up for a reason.�? That bridge could have collapsed under the weight of the machinery moving over it or under the next vehicle to come along, not knowing the bridge was supposed to be closed.â�?�? �?  The Clay County Highway Department asks drivers to observe all traffic control signs.�? Using a weakened structure or road can cause additional costly damage as well as a safety hazard in the event the bridge should collapse.�? Traffic control signs are intended to preserve the roads and bridges to prevent costly repairs and to protect the travelling public.

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