Avera Sacred Heart Hospital rated among the nation�s best

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital rated among the nationâ�?�?s best Avera Sacred Heart Hospital has earned the distinction of being among â�?�?the best in the nationâ�? according to a national patient satisfaction survey firm. A recent report by Press Ganey Associates, Inc. ranks overall satisfaction with Avera Sacred Heart Emergency Department at the 99th percentile â�?�? or the top 1 percent in the nation for eight consecutive quarters in a row.�?  Other high ranking departments include laboratory services, 99th percentile; Avera Same Day Surgery, 98th percentile; the Medical Unit, 98th percentile; and Home Care, 94th percentile. In addition, both overall satisfaction of the hospitalâ�?�?s inpatient services and nursing ranked at the 95th percentile compared to over 1,037 facilities across the country. â�?�?This is a wonderful achievement as it is our patients telling us that we are doing a good job,â�? said Pamela Rezac, president and CEO. â�?�?This high ranking demonstrates our staffâ�?�?s sincere commitment to providing a high level of service excellence to our patients, residents and their families.â�? Rezac explained that the survey results are especially appreciated as a national survey firm independently evaluates them. â�?�?The results reveal that Avera Sacred Heart employees are caring, kind, hard-working, courteous, attentive and more,â�? continues Rezac. â�?�?I am very proud of our staff and they should be proud of the excellent care they provide.â�? Avera Sacred Heart celebrated these achievements on Aug. 22 with a Service Excellence Award celebration where the following departments were presented with specific achievement awards for their high patient satisfaction scores throughout the year: â�?¢ Trendsetter: Emergency department for ranking at the top 1 percent in the nation for overall satisfaction, eight quarters in a row. â�?¢ Striving for 5: Laboratory for attaining the highest percentage of 5s or very goods (94 percent of responses). â�?¢ Shining Star: Medical Unit for achieving the highest consecutive rankings (averaging 95th percentile in FYâ�?�?08) â�?¢ Supporting Star: Housekeeping was chosen by medical as the department most supportive to their success. â�?¢ WOW Award: Home care for achieving the biggest increase in ranking, ending year at 95th percentile. Five years ago, Avera Sacred Heart began taking a proactive stance on customer satisfaction by organizing customer satisfaction teams involving the staff and used Press Ganey reports and expertise.�? â�?�?Our commitment to patient satisfaction is being demonstrated in every area of hospital operations,â�? said. Rezac. â�?�?Our staff has embraced the goal to provide world-class service to customers. They work together and share positive ways to meet and exceed our patientsâ�?�? expectations.â�? To further enhance patient care at the bedside, Avera Sacred Heart nurses have been selected as one of only 68 hospitals in the nation to participate in a national study entitled Transforming Care at the Bedside. The two-year study is paid for through a $1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and executed by the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital and Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, are the only South Dakota hospitals participating in the project.�?  Avera Sacred Heart conducts an ongoing patient satisfaction program through Press Ganey Associates (South Bend, IN) who partners with more than 7,000 health care organizations to measure and improve their quality of care.

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