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views videos The Vermillion Rotary Club met for its regular weekly meeting in the Freedom Forum on the USD campus on Tuesday at noon. Our meeting was opened by President Mary Edelen and again repeating the Boy Scout��?s prayer in unison. Joe Edelen led in the singing of The Happy Wanderer, with Jack Noble providing piano accompaniement. Several visitors were introduced, including three seniors from Vermillion High School. Our program was provided by program chairman Barry Vickery. Mr. Vickery presented two interesting videos from the Rotary Foundation��?s video magazine. The first video was about a Korean Rotary project to plant thousands of trees in Mongolia in order to cut down the tremendous dust storms that come out of desert lands that have lost their greenery through over grazing and drought. The video focused on the life and culture of the Mongolian people, a life and culture that is in jeopardy of being lost to the changingweather and practices of encroaching agricultural practices. Mongolians are a beautiful and fiercely independent people who build their lives around shepherding goats and using horses for transportion. They are often semi-nomadic in their life style, having fixed villages but also engaging in following the best pasture for their flocks and herds. The second video was about a traveling food bank from Springfield, MO, that travels to small communities in the Ozark country of southern Missouri. Rotarians have found a ready opportunity among people living in poverty in these areas, and have found it most gratifying to provide basic foodstuffs for those in need. There is basic screening of the recipients, and there has been on the other hand a great outpouring of needed articles and food from local grocery chains and manufacturers of food products that otherwise would go to waste. Our meeting was closed by the singing of the first verse of My Country ��?Tis of Thee, as is custommary. Next week��?s program will be on plans to increase power transmission facilites, and the following week member Dr. Yelverton will present a program on Polio.

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