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details of bridge Lodge hears details of bridge On Aug. 19, the Lillehammer Lodge #1-633, Sons of Norway, met at Christ the King Lutheran Church. President Joanne Christensen led the group in the national anthems of Norway and the U.S. and the flag pledge. President Christensen welcomed the guests and opened the meeting. The minutes had been approved at the board meeting and a short financial report by Treasurer Gene Iverson reminded members of some current financial obligations. President Christensen asked the members to consider giving a gift of financial assistance to Carol Broderson who will be attending the International Convention in San Diego. Several recent funerals were mentioned that were related to members and/or members of the community. Carol Nordby told of a lutefisk supper to be held Sept. 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hartington, NE. This is a fundraiser for the Orphan Grain Train supplies. These supplies are distributed to places where disasters have happened, locally and worldwide. Don Thompson notified the members of a date change for the lutefisk supper, now on the second Saturday in November at the Yankton Senior Center. A bake sale will be held at that time. Ms. Matuska is looking for some help in cooking the fish. Don also reported that he has received an official â�?�?Lutefisk and Lefse certificate and license.â�? The September meetings program will be on information regarding identity theft â�?�? a very current problem. The meeting was adjourned and Bob Weibelhaus, engineer with the Nebraska Department of Highways, was introduced. He is the project manager in the construction of the Discovery Bridge. He gave a great overview including a PowerPoint presentation of the bridge from its beginning to the current status which is close to completion. He spoke on the various things that had to be considered and worked around during the construction to allow for environmental concerns, including selective tree removal and careful cleaning of equipment. A graph with a cross section of the bridge was shown with the various sizes of the parts of the bridge. June 2007 the first pier was done and he explained this process. The longest girder was 166 feet 1 inch. The cost of the bridge was given at $23,903.78 of which 10 percent is charged to Nebraska, 10 percent charged to South Dakota and 80 percent of funds are from federal highway funding. Mr. Weibelhaus answered many questions from lodge members. Birthdays for August were read and the birthday song was done for them, led by President Christensen. The Norwegian table prayer was spoken by all members and a social time with lunch was enjoyed.

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