�Frankenstein� author the focus <br />of 2008 Visiting Scholar Lecture

��?Frankenstein��? author the focus
of 2008 Visiting Scholar Lecture Anne Mellor, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of English at the University of California Los Angeles, will deliver the 2008 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Lecture at The University of South Dakota on Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Al Neuharth Media Center. Mellorâ�?�?s illustrated lecture, â�?�?Mothering Monsters: Mary Shelleyâ�?�?s Frankenstein,â�? analyzes the biographical origins of Shelleyâ�?�?s famous novel, focusing on how and why an 18-year-old author came to produce one of the most enduring myths of the modern age. Frankenstein is a powerful critique of both the science and the politics of the revolutionary 1790s, and offers a compelling alternative to the Promethean ideologies of Shelleyâ�?�?s peers. The South Dakota Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at The University of South Dakota was chartered in 1926 and is the only chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in the public and private universities and colleges of South Dakota. The Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Lecture is sponsored by Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of English.

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