Froke resigns � but may be rehired by board

Froke resigns â�?¦ but may be rehired by board By: David Lias
Plain Talk The Vermillion School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Mark Froke during a special meeting Sept. 19. Thereâ�?�?s a possibility, however, that the board will not have to be on the hunt for a top administrator for the school district. On Sept. 19, after resigning, Froke submitted an application to the board for the superintendentâ�?�?s position. The resignation and possible rehiring of Froke as Vermillionâ�?�?s superintendent will allow him to access state retirement benefits. â�?�?I turned 55 in October,â�? he said. â�?�?In order to access South Dakota retirement benefits, you have to reach the age of 55 plus be employed for a required number of years of service. â�?�?To collect the retirement benefits, you need to resign,â�? Froke said. He stressed that there has been no formal agreement with the school board stating that he has been rehired, and state law requires a gap of at least one day between oneâ�?�?s resignation and rehiring. Should the board approve his application and rehire him, Froke will be back at work Oct. 6.

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