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FSA Notes Farmers must meet approaching deadlins to avoid loss of payments By Keith L. Zanter
Clay County FSA Office Time is running out for many farmers to obtain the necessary crop insurance or NAP coverage they will need in order to be eligible for 2008 and 2009 disaster program payments. Unlike previous â�?�?ad hocâ�? disaster programs, disaster programs created by the new 2008 Farm Bill require producers to obtain crop insurance or non-insured disaster assistance (NAP) coverage on all the crops they produce, not just the crop which suffers a loss; this includes coverage on alfalfa, grass hay, pasture and other crops.�? This coverage must be obtained prior the final purchase dates established by crop insurance or NAP for each crop. Since the 2008 Farm Bill was passed after the deadline to apply for 2008 crop insurance or NAP coverage, USDA is giving producers the opportunity to gain 2008 disaster eligibility by submitting a â�?�?Buy-Inâ�? fee at their local farm service agency office for any 2008 crop on which they do not currently have coverage. The amount of this fee is $100 per crop not to exceed $300 per county or $900 per person.�? The deadline for producers to submit the â�?�?Buy-Inâ�? application and fees is Sept. 16. Anyone who fails to meet this deadline for any non-covered crops will be ineligible for 2008 disaster programs. Producers must be aware that this â�?�?Buy-Inâ�? opportunity only applies to 2008 crops.�?  To be eligible for 2009 disaster programs, producers must remember to purchase crop insurance or NAP for all their crops by the applicable 2009 purchase deadlines.�? In particular, producers in southeastern South Dakota should be aware that the deadline to purchase 2009 crop insurance for alfalfa and alfalfa/grass mixes is Sept. 30.�? Producers who fail to obtain coverage from their crop insurance agent by this deadline will be ineligible for 2009 FSA disaster programs. �? Other applicable deadlines for southeastern South Dakota include a Dec. 1, deadline to obtain Winter Wheat NAP coverage from FSA and a March 15, 2009 deadline for both 2009 crop insurance coverage on corn, soybeans, small grains and 2009 NAP coverage on millet, grass hay, pasture and other non-insurable crops. �? Producers should contact their crop insurance agent or FSA office if they are unsure any risk management purchase deadlines for any crop they intend to plant. One of the new disaster programs for which this risk management purchase applies is the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program (SURE). This program is of particular interest since it provides benefits to producers who have suffered a loss in total farm revenue due to production or quality losses.�?  FSA can make SURE payments available if a producer suffers any amount of loss in a county (or contiguous county) declared a disaster by the secretary of agriculture, or in the absence of such designation an individual producer has a total loss of production on their farm greater than 50 percent. To find out more about the SURE program and other disaster legislation created by the 2008 Farm Bill, producers are encouraged to call their local FSA office or go online to www.fsa.usda.gov for more information.

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