Linster is SESDAC, Inc. <br />Employee of the Month

Linster is SESDAC, Inc.
Employee of the Month Kyle Linster, community supports instructor, was selected as the SESDAC, Inc. August 2008 Employee of the Month. Kyle has been employed at SESDAC, Inc. since June 2008. Kyle was nominated for the award by his fellow co-workers, based on his dedication to his job and the people he supports. Co-workers had the following compliments written in their nominations for Kyle. â�?�?Kyle has learned his job duties very quickly and is not afraid to ask questions when in doubt. He treats everyone with respect.â�? Kyle currently resides in Vermillion. SESDAC, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that assists people with disabilities to live, work, and socialize in their community. SESDAC, Inc. began providing services in 1973 and currently serves 75 people with disabilities and has 140 employees.

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