Seniors enjoy match play

Seniors enjoy match play The Bluffs Bulletin Board On Sept. 16, the fun league played team match play. The team of Elmer Mount, Van Pierce and Jim Reed had the most impressive win of three holes to zero. On this team was our most senior member, Van Pierce, and he was a huge contributor to their win with his â�?�?hotâ�? putter. Van dropped a 33-foot birdie on #6 and then sank a 22-foot birdie putt on #7. Van Pierceâ�?�?s putting skills are the envy of many of us younger seniors. On the next team in the winnerâ�?�?s circle were Dave Raabe, Maurice Erickson and Guy Button. Once again, our second most senior golfer, Maurice Erickson was the big reason for their victory with his good putting. Maurice made a 22-foot birdie on #3 and another 10-foot birdie on #8. Guy Button, of this team, sank a nine-foot birdie on #4. The three other teams to post victories were Mo Marcotte, Rich Morse and Joe Conroy, then Ron Steckelberg, Jack Doyle and Ray Lynn, finally Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Bob Lund.

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