Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickson Excerpts taken from the Plain Talk 1911 There has been so great a demand for teachers throughout the state that it has been necessary for the President to post a bulletin asking all those desiring positions to post their names. CORSETS FOR LARGE WOMEN:�? We have an excellent corset for large women; a corset that will proportion stout figures to uniformly pleasing lines. It is the Henderson Reducing Corset at $3.00. A cordial invitation is extended to all visitors to examine our splendid corset display and become familiar with the styles.�?  Stop at Lee & Prentis Store. For Sale:�?  Buggy, in very good repair, also a complete set of carpenters tools.�?  Mrs. J. G. Best. Lost:�?  A pair of shoes between Lee & Prentis store and the ranch. Finder please leave at this office. $1.50 reward. Notice to Clean Up: All parties having manure piles or rubbish of any kind on their premises are hereby notified to remove the same at once by taking it to the city dump.�?  All persons are warned against throwing offensive matter into the Vermillion River.�? By order of H. L. Ferry, Mayor. Machinery for the dredging machines which are to be used in the construction of the Vermillion Valley ditch is arriving and will be put together shortly. The cabins to house the workmen are almost complete and will be carried along on the back of the dredging machines.�?  A contract calls for completion of the work in 1913. B. W. Collar was in Sioux City this week arranging for the shipment of a fine monument to be placed on his burial lot in Bluff View Cemetery. Wm. Michels has built a fine large addition to the rear of his confectionery store on Market Street and he is fitting up for a photograph gallery. The new Mayor George Kempker and Commissioner James B. Gilbertson will take over on Monday evening. The next big dance at Meckling will be held on Saturday evening at Thorsonâ�?�?s Hall. Music will be furnished by Goddard Bros. orchestra. The early morning passenger train will stop at Meckling Sunday morning so that those from this locality who attend the dance can get home by train. Major Jones, the tallest giant in the world will be in town appearing with the Yankee Robinson circus. A special meeting of the County Commissioners has been called on May 12, when the matter of the purchase of a courthouse site will be taken up. The auto business has been flourishing in Vermillion during the past 10 days, five sales being reported to Clay County citizens. Auto dealers are confident that the present season will be one of the best in the way of sales ever recorded. The ferryboat is now in operation across the Missouri River southwest of this city, the ferryman having arrived on Tuesday ready to begin crossing passengers, rigs and stock.�?  At present the landing will be at the Brookey bottom, on the Cedar County line on the Nebraska side and at a point south of Knute Seversonâ�?�?s farm on the South Dakota side. MACCABBES MAKE MERRY:�? The past 3 months the Ladies of the Maccabees have been having a contest for obtaining new members.�? The Hive was divided into 2 divisions.�? The blue and gold division was the winner so on Tuesday evening at 8 oâ�?�?clock, the Gold division had to serve an elaborate 5-course banquet to the Silver division. J. L. Linn, formerly connected with the Stork Folding Crib Co. of this city, stopped off here yesterday for a few hours visit. He has been working in Sioux City since the factory at this point burned. After talking to several people who crossed on the ferry southwest of the city last Sunday, we are convinced a new landing on the northeast side of the Missouri will be necessary.�?  There is a long stretch of sandbar to cross after leaving the ferry, and it is said that this is too soft to permit heavy loads to be hauled.�? A more suitable landing can be secured by going up on Eling Hanson?s and it may be necessary to do this. We had heard several complaints concerning horses and cows being picketed in such a way that they wander out into the streets.�?  Residents should not be allowed to do this, and a report to the police will have a tendency to check the practice. According to the appraisers who had in charge the work of fixing a price on the Jolley home and lots, the property is worth $5750.00.�?  We understand that the present plan is to purchase a lot and a half from the south end of the Jolley property, and the balance of the block except this residence. Cutworms have been raising havoc in gardens and fields. The worm has been working overtime in the cornfields and many farmers are obliged to replant hills entirely wiped out. The cool weather is said to be responsible for the increased activity. The County of Clay is now the owner of the Jolley block with the exception of two lots and residence on the northeast corner. The Commissioners can now go ahead with the preliminary work for the new courthouse. For Sale: Fine 3-year-old driving team of horses and also a good milk cow.�?  Phone G. G. Reinhart, 147-2 or call his home on Yale Street.

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