Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Halley��?s Comet
Unable to be Sighted By Cleo Erickson Vermillion streets were never in better condition than this year. They are free of vegetation and residents should take pride in keeping them that way. A half hour each week would do the business, so sharpen up your weed and grass destroyers and get busy when necessary. A new dynamo now serves electricity for the University buildings. It is one of the finest in the state and can carry a load of more than 1,000 lights. At present there are about 750 lamps on the campus. The ladies of the Vermillion Cemetery Association are making an extra effort to beautify the cemetery this year and in order to meet this extra expense of so doing; they are planning on having a Tag Day on one of the days of the Clay County Fair. An exchange tells of a new graft that is being worked on the farmerâ�?�?s wives. The grafter drives up to a farmhouse with a preparation, which he claims will remove all kinds of grease. To prove this he wipes one of his wheels with a cloth and immediately cleans the cloth in the water in which the preparation has been dropped. As the wheel of his buggy has been covered with tar soap instead of axle grease, it of course washes out easily. The merchants of the city have reached an agreement whereby the stores will be closed at 6:30 after May 1. VOTE FOR A NEW COURTHOUSE: The voters will be called on at the primary election to decide if they want a new courthouse. The old courthouse has seen its best day. Clay County has one of the poorest and shabbiest county homes in South Dakota. Other counties in the same fix a Clay County in regard to a courthouse have long since voted money to erect a new one. We are behind the times in this respect and it is time something was done. FINE WASHING: Anyone wishing lace curtains washed and done up nicely, take them to Mrs. John Spatz, on block north of the West Side schoolhouse. Phone 184-3. The hill known as the â�?�?Rowley Hillâ�? at the end of Forest Avenue is said to be in such condition that it is dangerous for travel. Because of this the commissioner board has ordered that it be closed to the public. Already there is a claim against the city for damages, Will Simons asking $25.00 for an injury to his horse. Be a booster for Clay County. Vote for the new courthouse. Arden Clark has traded his Chalmers auto to John Bruyer. By the deal Mr. Clark comes into possession of the five acres of ground owned by Mr. Bruyer at the extreme south end of University street east of the road. Within a few days the ferry will be running across the Missouri River between South Dakota and Nebraska somewhere near the old landing. L. M. Hockstein writes J. E. Hirt, that he will be crossing passengers in a short time, as he has his ferry ready for service. There were a lot of sleepy people in Vermillion yesterday morning and all because they wanted to see Halleyâ�?�?s comet. The fact of the matter is there was no comet to be seen in the early morning hours, as it was daylight before the monster put in an appearance. A sample of the six-foot ballot which contains the amendments to be voted upon is on display in the County Auditors office. They will be printed in the official newspapers when the time comes. They will occupy just three pages of the Plain Talk or eighteen columns. Well, it will be 75 years before Halleyâ�?�?s comet will again put in an appearance. If the comet is responsible for the sort of weather we have been having all spring, everybody will be satisfied to let it depart in peace, with the hope that it will never again put in an appearance. A class of seven young people was confirmed at the Lutheran Church a week ago last Sunday, including Ina Chaussee, John Halverson, Bessie Myron, Olive Severson, Ernest Thorsen, Clara Severson and Marie Halverson. Chaney and Jacobson of Wakonda have dispersed of their mercantile business to F. H. Smith of Cushing, IA. The Red Cross Pharmacy has installed a Walrus iceless fountain. If you havenâ�?�?t seen it or sampled the soda water that comes from it, you better do so. Guess Vermilion will not celebrate the 4th of July. There is no desire of the businessmen to make the eagle scream. Centerville, Gayville and Elk Point will furnish amusement for all. The firemen were given the wrong location last Saturday evening and went to University Street instead of West Main Street to the Will Rufâ�?�?s residence where the barn was on fire. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1905-1910. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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