Tanager boys’ golf wins at Dakota Valley

Tanager boys' golf wins at Dakota Valley The Vermillion Tanager golf team shot a winning score of 171-174 at Dakota Valley, Aug. 20. Individual Tanger scores follow: Aaron Steele 40, Eric Ustad 41, Cole Andre 41, Jake Hogan 49, Zach McDonald 57. Individual Dakota Valley scores were Taylor White 42, Josh Oakly 43, Kyle Hooks 48, Elliot Baker 45, Bob Sapp 44. Individual Tanager junior varsity scores were Mitch Nelson 45, Patrick Haught 61, Greg Styles 59, Jaron Sorensen 56, Wes McBride 70, Michael Brunick 57, Tyler Osborne 60, Christian Janes 68, Alex Hedges 86, Andrew Jensen 76, Owen Korcuska 53. Individual Dakota Valley junior varsity scores: Bradley Farwell 51, Keegan Johnson 46, Scottie Lockmiller 49, Ben Williams 49, Peyton Sanders 54, Will Spencer 43, Blake Nesje 51, Zach Selby 44. The next home match will be against Lennox Sept. 9.

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