Tanagers drilled by tough Quarrier team

Tanagers drilled by tough Quarrier team By Parker Knox
Sports Writer The danger of facing long-time rivals hungry for their first win of the season awaits Vermillionâ�?�?s football team this week as the Tanagers themselves try to rebound from their first loss. Vermillion takes its 2-1 record to Canton for a 7 p.m. kickoff against the C-Hawks, who were state champions as recently as two years ago. â�?�?Although they have yet to win a game, they are still a dangerous team,â�? said coach Gary Culver.�? â�?�?They are always ready to play us, and we need to be highly motivated for this game.â�? Dell Rapids, a team laden with 21 seniors, all of whom contribute to their cause, staked its claim to be considered among the Class 11A�? upper echelon�? with a 23-0 win over the Tanagers last Friday.�? After a competitive first quarter during which the Tanagers had some success, especially on defense, the Quarriers gradually took over the game starting in the second quarter. â�?�?We simply made too many mental and physical errors to overcome a very talented team,â�? Culver observed.�? â�?�?They really had us on our heels during a couple of periods of time, especially on the defensive side. Offensively we made too many errors against a very quick defensive unit.�? We couldnâ�?�?t seem to get into a rhythm all night long.â�? While it was a big game between two 2-0 teams, Culver stressed to his club that it was still early in the season and the loss doesnâ�?�?t mean the end of anything.�? The Tanagers still have a genuine shot at being 5-1 heading into the two season-ending tussles against Harrisburg and West Central. Dells opened the game by moving into Tanager territory until the defense stiffened.�? A quarterback sack by Mike Oberle and Nick Mart on a third-down play forced a Quarrier punt. Vermillion moved to a pair of first downs on its first possession before stalling at midfield.�? Jordan Robinsonâ�?�?s punting continued to be a bright spot for the Tanagers, and on this occasion his high 40-yard kick, plus great coverage by Oberle, put the Quarriers back at their own 19.�? This possession fizzled thanks to a holding call. The Tanagers on their second possession showed possibilities.�? Starting with superb field position at the Dells 41, Andrew Eidem broke tackles along the way as he carried to the 22.�? Two plays later he streaked all the way to the seven-yard line, but the big gain was nullified by a holding penalty.�? A quarterback sack resulted in a Vermillion punt, and Robinson sent the ball rocketing downfield where Oberle downed it at the four-yard line. What ensued was a back-breaking 96-yard march by the Quarriers. The big play along the way was a 34-yard pass from quarterback Preston Davis.�? The march ended with a Davis touchdown plunge from the one, the first TD allowed by the Vermillion defense this season. The Tanagers tried their best to fight back for the tying score.�? A 14-yard pass from Earl Kiertzner to Kylen Freidel and a 10-yard burst by Oberle were big plays as the Tanagers got as far as the Dells 34, but the drive stalled, and things were never the same after that. Though down by only 6-0 as the second half began, realistically it began to appear that the game wasnâ�?�?t all that close.�? An interception by Freidel stymied Dellsâ�?�? first third-quarter chance, but a Vermillion ball carrier soon would be tackled in the end zone for a safety.�? Given a short field on their next possession, the Quarriers quickly took it in from the five on the legs of Tate Bunkers, and things were out of control at 16-0. In the fourth period, a first-down play from the Vermillion 34 saw Davis connect with Cliff Curry on a screen pass.�? Curry was hit by Tanager defenders, but the fumbled ball bounced right back into Curryâ�?�?s hands, and he recovered in stride and took it in for the final TD of the night. Eidem had a 70-yard rushing night for the Tanagers, and Oberle gained 36 yards, but Vermillion found itself at a 350-117 total yards disadvantage by gameâ�?�?s end.�?  Kevin Berg and Bunkers carried for 117 and 107 yards, respectively, for Dell Rapids. Second quarter DR â�?�? Preston Davis, 1-yd. run (kick failed), 8:43. Third quarter DR â�?�? Safety, 8:27. DR â�?�? Tate Bunkers, 5-yd. run (Ben Mitchell pass from Davis), 5:14. Fourth quarter DR â�?�? Chris Curry, 34-yd. pass from Davis (Davis kick), 7:47. Individual rushing Vermillion â�?�? Andrew Eidem 17-70, Mike Oberle 11-36, Jordan Robinson 3-8, Tony Thomas 2-8, Kylen Freidel 1-(-4), Earl Kiertzner 1- (-11). Dell Rapids â�?�? Kevin Berg, 16-117, Bunkers 9-107, Curry 4-47, Pat Curry 3-12. Individual passing Vermillion â�?�? Kiertzner, 3-5, 10 yds., 1 interception. Dell Rapids â�?�? Davis, 2-7, 69 yds., 1 interception. Individual receiving�?  Vermillion â�?�? Freidel, 2-14, Cory Taggart 1-(-4). Dell Rapids â�?�? Kyle Tibke 1-35, Chris Curry 1-34. Tackles (solo/assist/total) Vermillion â�?�? Oberle, 9-2-11, Eidem 6-2-8, Nick Mart 6-1-7, Taylor Clark 4-1-5, Chris Mart 3-1-4, Freidel 3-0-3, Robinson 2-1-3, Joe Talley 2-0-2, Bennet Johnson 1-0-1, Chase Allen 1-0-1, Grant Lueders 1-0-1, Chris Cameron 1-0-1, Gerrit Heine 1-0-1, Blaine Olson 1-0-1. Tackles for loss Vermillion â�?�? Oberle, Heine, Olson 2, Knight. Fumble recoveries Talley 1 Pass knockdowns Oberle 1, Eidem 1, Freidel 1, Robinson 1, Heine 1 Interceptions Freidel, Lueders

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