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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Ladies have great fun on links It was another great day at The Bluffs. There were 19 ladies at our luncheon and the desserts were as usual great. Rose Mart and Linda Sorensen provided the treats for us. Mary Berglund was a guest and we love having guests. Hope to see you next year as a member Mary. The $5 drawing was won by Fritz Lefler. Lucky girl! The quarters were won by: Agnes Moeckler, Darlene Engbrecht, Jane Torkelson, Thelma Raines and Glennis Stewart. Golf report: We played â�?�?Poker.â�? There were seven golfers and we had lots of laughing and friendship in the air. The way my golf games go fun, laughter, luncheon and friendship is what I come for most. I did have my best game today for the whole summer.�? We counted scores on the odd holes. The winner was Ramona Kellogg who had a straight.�?  There were three ladies with a pair of eights and two had a pair of sixes. There were plenty of ladies present to play dominoes, bridge and I think pitch. No report at this time. Remember the 24th is the last luncheon.�? We will miss Taylor from Cherry Street. Thanks bunches Taylor. It has been great having lunch with you. Keep that smile! Catch ya all later, Pat Steckelberg Publicity

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