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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wednesday ladies
have fun time together Pat Steckelberg
Publicity Wednesday ladies have fun time together There were 17 ladies at our luncheon and the desserts were provided by Eileen Turner and Darlene Engbrecht. Wow! Great again! There were no guests or new members. Barb Boone won the $5 drawing and quarters were won by: Pat Bergland, Pat Steckelberg, Fritz Lefler, Darlene Engbrecht and Edith Nelson. There was one table for bridge and Ramona Kellog had the high score. It was great having the ladies there and they did a lot of giggling and much laughing. It is always fun at our luncheon and games. Hope to have some more ladies present. We had one table for pitch also: Pat Pratt and Sally Gilbertson were the winners. Golfing was as usual full of friendship and fun. We had seven ladies out today.�? The special game was â�?�?Par 4â�?�?s.â�? We only count the score on these.�? Edith Nelson has the lowest score (which is what we were all aiming for) of 29 for first and Barb Boone had 34 for second.�? The highlight of the day was Fritz Lefler.�?  On hole #1 she had a beautiful putt from the edge of the hole and then to top that off, she on hole #3 â�?�?holed out.â�?�?  That was so awesome. Dominoes had six ladies.�?  They played dominoes and dice day.�? The winners were: Vaneta Youngworth, Rula Hatch, Janet Hoff, and Fritz Lefler.�? Fritz had a low score of 273.�? They played for quarters. As you can tell, there is always fun and laughter at our Wednesday group, golf, luncheon and also the games. We have only two Wednesdays left.�? but, be sure to join us next summer the first Wednesday of May. Catch ya all later.

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