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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors enjoy match play On Sept. 9, after some confusion on starting holes, some interesting and fun match play took place. The team of Harlan Schott, Dick Kellogg and Lloyd Helseth managed to win the last three holes to defeat their opponents three to two. The team of Bob Solomon, Mo Marcotte and Bob Lund ended up in a tie for holes won, but the second tie breaker hole at #16 gave them the victory. The team of Dick Burbach, Vern Holter and Milo Gilbertson over powered their opponents by three points. The four man team of Shorty Hanson, Jim Reed, Louie Fostvedt and Van Pierce blew away their competition by four points. On this team, Jim Reed dropped a long 31-foot birdie putt at #14. Also on this team Shorty Hanson contributed to their win with an eight-foot birdie on #13. Other exceptionally long putts were recorded by Bob Lund with a 45 footer for birdie on #16, by Cleland Cook with a 42-foot birdie at #13 plus Vern Holter with a 36-foot birdie at 17. The seniors are now playing in the afternoons at 1 p.m. for the remainder of the season.

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