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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wednesday morning ladies golf meets We met on Aug. 27 with 21 ladies present. What a great bunch of ladies!�? Lots of friendship and great food. Thanks Taylor and Cherry Street.�?  Desserts were provided by Pat Pratt and Agnes Moeckler. I could not be present but I bet the treats were super as usual! The $5 drawing was won by Pat Pratt and the quarters by Barb Boone, Thelma Raines, Lorraine Brunick, Edith Nelson and Karine Amundson. There were enough ladies for bridge and Jane Kugler had 3956 and Thelma Raines 3040. Not sure what that means as I am not a bridge player. Hope I read the notes right. Either way ladies â�?�? bet you had fun! Dominoes played the calendar game with three different rounds. Eileen Turner won round 1, Janet Hoff won round 2, Babe Hurowitz won round 3 and Eileen Turner (lucky girl) won the Total Score round.�?  Sounds like a lot of fun took place here! Golfer played â�?�?Puttlessâ�?.�?  There were nine golfers and the winners were Mary Lea Hennies, Karine Amundson (great having you back and playing golf with us Karine) and Carol Bond. For me (Pat) getting to the green is a challenge in itself! I am also sending the Sept. 3 report here it is! We had 18 ladies at luncheon and desserts were provided by Janet Hoff and Ann Stewart. I did try one of each and they were all great! I donâ�?�?t recall there ever being a dessert treat that wasnâ�?�?t great! We have such good cooks. The $5 drawing was won by Barb Boone. I think she is won of the luckiest ladies â�?�? there are a few others that seem to win a lot also â�?�? lucky ducks!�? Quarters were won by Fritz Lefler, Darlene Engbrecht, Thelma Raines and Glennis Stewart. Golfers played Bingo, Bango, Bongo with no rough stuff and one putt.�? I donâ�?�?t seem to grab the idea of this game. I seem to love the rough! We had ties for first and also second: Barb Boone and Fritz Lefler each had 13 and Mary Lea Hennies and Darlene Engbrecht each 12. Glennis Stewart, Carol Bond�? and myself were in the game but Glennis and I started out with a rough start. We were teeing off on #9 and the sprinklers started. I got backside drenched and Glennis sprinkled all over.�? We finally dried off after four or five holes. Boy was the water cold! After we dried off it was sort of funny!�? Just one obstacle for a golfer. Dominoes: There were two tables and Barb Boone had low with 244 and Janet Hoff a low of 133.�? The ladies always have fun at dominoes.�? Bet Boone has broken my all time high! There was one bridge table and Jane Kugler was the winner. It is nice that there are ladies who love to play bridge.�?  Well, this is our last month for our luncheon group.�? Seems that it went way too fast. Letâ�?�?s have a smashing last few Wednesdays! Pat Steckelberg Publicity

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