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opposing team Seniors play opposing team On Aug. 26, the seniors played a full scramble from the red tees against an opposing team selected by the league organizers. Two tams won their matches with a 33, while other winning teams prevailed with scores of 35-37. Winning teams in no particular order were: Bob Solomon, Van Pierce, Maurice Erickson; Harlan Schott, Joe Conroy, Don Baer; Pat Boyle, Louie Fostvedt, Berwyn Svoboda; Ross King, David Zimmer, Cleland Cook; and victorious in the two-man division was the team of Al Clem and Dick Burbach. During this session there were some especially long birdies made. Listing these birdies in numerical length are as follows: Ross King, 54 footer at #1; Lloyd Helseth, 51 footer at #3; Harlan Schott, 42 footer at #1; Guy Button, 25 footer at #7; Jim Reed, 22 footer at #3; and Rex Huska, 20 footer at #5.

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