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of Coyoteopoly The Vermillion Rotary club met for its weekly session on Tuesday at its usual venue, the Freedom Forum of the Neuharth Center on the USD Campus. The meeting was opened by president Mary Edelen and with a rousing chorus of I��?ve Been Working on the Railroad. Four Vermillion High School students introduced themselves and spoke of their plans for future education. The monthly envelope for donations to the Vermillion Food Pantry was passed and came to our table already generously stuffed with bills. A few Rotarians found themselves fined by our always affable sergeant at arms, Al Pravacek, and program chairman Barry Vickery announced that our next week��?s program would be a visit from U.S. Senate candidate, Joel Dykstra. Bob Richardson announced that some 55 Pulitzer Prize winning photographs are on display in the Neuharth Center hallways, and will be there until March 15, 2009. Our program was presented by USD students Bryce Johnson and Lisa Nosheim, officers of the Coyoteopoly program begun for business school students by Professor Mike Huckabee in 2004. The plan is for USD students to form a corporation in which they can put the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to practical use. The Coyoteopoly corporation has several divisions organizing its business into executive, strategic planning, marketing, human resources, finance, operating and public relations departments. Each department is, of course, charged with carrying out the yearly plan for achieving the goal of helping some local or international need. The needs have ranged from providing material and moral building supplies to an American military hospital in Baghdad, to raising $10,500 for the local food bank that helps out about 1,500 needy people in the Vermillion area each year. During its first year, Coyoteopoly raised $911 and by 2007 had raised that amount to $10,500. Coyoteopoly has been a successful endeavor for the college students, giving them a great deal of experience in putting theory into practice, but it has also served our community and beyond very well. Our thanks to Bryce and Lisa for an interesting and informative power point presentation. Our meeting was closed with the usual singing of the first verse of My Country ��?Tis of Thee.

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