Linda Iverson is October employee of the month at USD

Linda Iverson is October employee of the month at USD Linda Iverson, secretary for the Department of Mathematical Sciences at The University of South Dakota, has been named October 2008 Career Services Employee of the Month. â�?�?I want to thank the faculty of the mathematics department,â�? admitted Iverson, who accepted the award at a reception in her honor at Dakota Hall 330. â�?�?Youâ�?�?re great to work with and great to work for.â�? Iverson, who is in her 13th year of working for the math sciences, was nominated for the award by Dan Van Peursem, chairperson of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Van Peursem noted Iversonâ�?�?s hard work and dedication at making the department efficient and organized. â�?�?Each spring our department hosts a math competition for about 250 high school students,â�? Van Peursem stated in his nomination of Iverson, who has been a USD employee for 22 years. â�?�?This contest is a huge success,â�? added Van Peursem, â�?�?with a lot of the credit going to her organizational skills.â�? Iverson, a Vermillion native, was surprised and honored for being named Career Services Employee of the Month. Prior to working in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at USD, she was employed with the personnel department for almost nine years. â�?�?Iâ�?�?m fortunate to see lots of students and work with them on a day-to-day basis,â�? added Iverson, who presently resides in Vermillion with her husband, Bob, who is landfill supervisor for the City of Vermillion. â�?�?Whether itâ�?�?s a student issue, department issue or a question that needs to be addressed, Iâ�?�?m happy to do what I can.â�? While her day-to-day responsibilities vary from answering phones to organizing faculty office hours as well as helping out as needed in other areas of the department, Iverson enjoys the math sciences department because of the people she works with. â�?�?I really like the faculty,â�? explained Iverson. â�?�?Itâ�?�?s all about working together and it comes from a love for my job.â�?

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