New grand piano cause for celebration

New grand piano cause for celebration There will be a â�?�?coming-out partyâ�? on Sunday afternoon at the Congregational United Church of Christ in Vermillion, but itâ�?�?s not celebrating an individual. Itâ�?�?s a party for a piano. The arrival of a new Kawai grand piano which is now gracing the churchâ�?�?s sanctuary is cause for celebration, according to Pastor Steve Miller, not only the part of the church congregation but also the entire community since the church is often used for weddings, funerals, concerts and other community events. A diverse sampling of Vermillionâ�?�?s musical talent, ranging from USD music faculty members to members and friends of the church to youngsters barely of school age, will perform at a recital at 2 p.m. Sunday. The program will include piano and vocal solos, group ensemble selections, and soloists on other instruments. What they will have in common is making use of the new piano. Proceeds from a freewill offering will go toward the churchâ�?�?s music program in general but in particular toward purchase of the piano. â�?�?We are excited about the piano, and people are stepping forward to help pay for it,â�? Miller said. â�?�?I love the idea that we will have a recital for both musicians from our church and from the community because both the church and the community will use it.â�? Miller said his congregation has been looking for a couple of years to find â�?�?the right piano for our space,â�? and he thinks they have found it in this instrument. â�?�?This will be a coming-out party for the piano,â�? Miller said, â�?�?and I love what it represents in terms of our relationship with the Vermillion community. We hope many people will be able to spend Sunday afternoon with us and enjoy the fabulous music.â�?

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