Office-seekers share views

Office-seekers share views By David Lias
Plain Talk Stan Peterson points his strong interpersonal skills as his strongest asset as he seeks election to the Clay County Commission. Donna Schafer said the Hyperion Energy Center issue in nearby Union County is what has compelled her to seek county office. Peterson and Schafer are two of a long slate of candidates seeking election to the Clay County Commission. All but two of the 10 office-seekers were present at a meeting sponsored Tuesday at the Al Neuharth Media Center by the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and Development Company. Travis Mockler told the audience of about 50 at Tuesdayâ�?�?s meeting that he was seeking election to the commission because heâ�?�?d like to help Clay County progress in the future. â�?�?Iâ�?�?m running because several people asked me if I would be interested in running,â�? said Craig Myron, â�?�?and Iâ�?�?ve lived in Clay County all of my life, Iâ�?�?ve raised my family here and Iâ�?�?ve operated several successful businesses. I want to return something to the community.â�? Leo Powell, the current chairman of the county commission, is finishing his first four-year term. â�?�?Iâ�?�?ve really enjoyed the time Iâ�?�?ve been on the commission,â�? he said. â�?�?It has been a challenge, and everything Iâ�?�?ve done has helped me get ready for this â�?�? Iâ�?�?ve been on planning commissions, Iâ�?�?ve been on the city council, Iâ�?�?ve served on a number of boards and a number of committees.â�? Future members of the commission, he said, will have to deal with tight budgets while trying to meet peopleâ�?�?s essential needs. Dusty Passick noted that Clay County has always been a good place to live, work, and raise a family. The former county sheriff said he gained beneficial experience during his career. â�?�?I know there will be a lot of serious challenges here in the future that will take a lot of thought and consideration. I think Iâ�?�?m known as a problem solver,â�? he said. Jerry Wilson said maintaining the county infrastructure will be a challenge. He believes commissioners will need to manage county business wisely and help economic development. Dennis Zimmerman, who served two terms on the Vermillion City Council, noted that economic development will be an important factor in the countyâ�?�?s future growth.

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