Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By: Cleo Erickson 1912 continued There is some talk of organizing a baseball team in the city for the summer months. The only question would be the amount of funds that could be raised to support the team. The Lee&Prentis Company as installed the McCaskey system and hereafter with each purchase a sale slip will be furnished showing the goods purchased, the price charged for each item and the last previous balance. You always know what you owe and have the sale slips to show for the same. City mail delivery will begin in Vermillion on Saturday June 1.�? Two deliveries will be made each day with the carrier leaving the post office at 7:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. If one wishes mail delivered to your door, please call the post office and fill out a blank giving your name, street address and city. For those who want to cross the Missouri river into Nebraska, we want to say there is no ferry boat in operation this summer. It would seem that the patronage is not great enough to maintain the ferry so the owner concluded to quit business. Alfred Johnson of Dalesburg just got through planting corn today and is going to Vermillion tomorrow to subscribe for the Plain Talk. The ball game between Dalesburg and Garryowen last Sunday was a little one sided.�? The score was 13-2 being in favor of Dalesburg, of course. Hereafter when you hear one long toot and two short ones from the electric light plant whistle, it means in twenty minutes from that time the water plant will be shut down while repairs are made.�? When the whistle blows, fill up you pails and tubs.�? �? �? �? �?  Arrangements are now under way for the ceremonies of the laying of the corner stone of the new Clay County court house. The date set is June 8 at 3:00 oâ�?�?clock.�? The local Masonic Lodge will have charge of the matter and arrangements. Work on the new court house is progressing nicely and in a few days more the first story above the basement will have been completed. About 10,000 little pike and perch have been turned loose in the Vermillion River.�?  In 2 or 3 years anglers should be having more sport than at present. Thatâ�?�?s right; tell you troubles and news over the phone, as the writer has all his corn planted and has more time to listen in on your conversation. A new electric light plant is in operation in Wakonda and the citizens there are putting on metropolitan airs these days.�?  Congratulations, Wakonda. There will be a picnic in Austin Park to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Rachel Ross Austin. The ladies of the Civic League have cleaned up the part thoroughly and it is a beautiful place for a picnic.�? It is a beautiful thing to so honor the memory of Mrs. Austin, whom we all remember so kindly as a type of the noblest and best womanhood as well as a generous and public spirited citizen. The picnic which was to be held last week at Austin Park in honor of Mrs. Austin was postponed to June 14 due to inclement weather. CORNER STONE LAID AT COURT HOUSE: A large number of people enjoyed the ceremonies at the court house grounds. The weather man was kind to the citizens that attended. A parade formed at 2:00 oâ�?�?clock at the city hall.�?  A program followed and was opened with the â�?�?Star Spangled Bannerâ�?, during the ceremony a box with the following contents was placed in the corner stone. -History of Clay County by F. Belle Conrow -History of South Dakota, by Willis E. Johnson -Copy of the Holy Bible -Photos and names of officers of Clay County -Photos of scenes of business houses in Clay County -Copies of Plain Talk, Dakota Republican, Wakonda Monitor, and USD catalog Volante, Alumni Quarterly, Alumni Quarterly, Sioux City Journal, Sioux City Tribune, proceedings of Grand Commander and samples of Australian ballots. Authur Lawrensen took some passengers to Sioux City in his car last Saturday. Edna Hansen and Blanche Jorgensen drove H. J. Hansenâ�?�?s car to Vermillion last Friday. Clay County cast a total of 1493 votes in the primary election on Tuesday of last week.�?  The total votes in the county is about 2100, and this shows that about seventy per cent of the complete vote was registered.�?  One prohibition and five socialist votes were recorded. The city will soon be equipped with a series of police alarms. Loud sounding bells are being stationed on Main and Market streets, and hereafter when an officer is wanted he can be summoned by means of these alarms.�? If you need help just call the telephone operator and an officer will be quickly located.�? The officer, hearing the alarm, will at once call up central to learn where he is wanted, and will lose no time in getting there. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kryger of Meckling Township left last Saturday for a visit to the old country, and expect to be gone the greater part of the summer. Rumor has it that Miss Roxy Robbins is opening a hospital in this city.�? The hospital will be located at the home of her parents on Yale Street and will be thrown open for the use of all physicians of the city.�? Miss Robbins is a trained nurse of many years and understands hospital work thoroughly.

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