Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Plain Talk
1911 continued By Cleo Erickson
Excerpts from the Last November the residents of Vermillion were asked to get numbers for their house.�? They were instructed to go to the City Auditor who will advise them of the number of their residence.�? From there they were advised to journey to Hawkins-Gunderson Hardware and secure the figures to be tacked to their house. The County Commissioners are in session this week and will likely not conclude their work before Saturday evening.�? On Friday bids will be opened for heating, plumbing, wiring, etc., for the new courthouse building. Work on the erection of the new water tank is well under way, and with good weather prevailing, the task will probably be finished in three weeks.�? Work has continued even with below zero temperatures.�? The pumps at the pumping station have been installed and P. F. Cavanaugh has his men at work on the engines this week.�? It looks now as though all connections will have been made early in February, when it will be possible to secure the best pressure ever known here. Many a woman goes out shopping dressed in silk and enveloped in perfume whose hard working husband hasnâ�?�?t had a new suit of clothes or a decent meal in 5 years, says an exchange.�? Yes, and many a loafer stands on the street with a stinking pipe in his face, his task full of profanity, whose hard working wife hasnâ�?�?t had a new dress or a kind word since she was married, truthful remarks another exchange. Many familiar faces from over on the Nebraska side have been in evidence in our city the past few days.�? Ice in the big muddy is now a foot thick and heavy loads are crossing daily.�? The roads between here and the Missouri, and on the other side, are said to be in fine condition for bobsleds. â�?�?If the price of the Plain Talk was $2.00 per year I would pay it just as willingly as the $1.50 rateâ�? remarked Mayor Kempker. G. H. Brown will be moving his meat market the first part of next week to a building just across the street from the Baptist Church, formerly occupied by the B & B Caf�?©. A new meat cooler, costing close to $500.00 will soon be installed in the Kempker Market. You will have much less reason for complaining of the high cost of living if you buy your groceries of Lee & Prentis.�? We always invite comparisons. Win the famous $250.00.�?  â�?�?Dixie Flyerâ�? motorcycle at Yustenâ�?�?s Pool and Billiard Parlors.�? Ten votes given with every 10 cents purchase of cigars and tobacco or with pool or billiard games. If the people of Vermilion want free delivery service and a new federal building, itâ�?�?s high time that they get busy.�?  Only a half dozen stores on Main Street are numbered.�?  We had thought that merchants, at least, would show a little more enterprise in the matter. The annual meeting of the Congregational church held Wednesday evening showed a welcome growth for the year.�?  There was an increase of $249.00 over the previous year in amount of money raised for the home church, and of $166.00 in benevolences. No school was held at the East Side building on Tuesday afternoon.�? Something went wrong with the sewer and the odor was so nauseating that it was impossible to continue school that afternoon. Mr. R. C. Davis, proprietor of Helgeson Pharmacy, tells us there are several things to consider in building up a good business.�? First he believes in using plenty of printerâ�?�?s ink, second keep plenty of stock at all times and third be courteous and fair to all patrons.�? In addition to regular advertising he has placed an order for 1913 calendars as a gift to his patrons.�? Mr. Davis said for patrons to name their wants and they will be supplied at once. Strangers in Vermillion, or even our own people who never learned the names of the streets, will have little difficulty in future in learning just where they are at.�?  Street boards, neat in appearance, have been nailed up at street corners on telephone posts or buildings, and as one passes along he cannot help but notice them.�? You can drive a steer to water, but its impossible to force him to drink.�? The same situation prevails with regard to numbering stores and residences.�?  It is impossible to demand that numbers be put up, but every property owner in this city ought to have pride enough to go ahead and do the right thing.�? �? �?  Gasoline for sale:�? Thirteen cents per gallon for Standard gasoline pumped from a tank six fee below the surface of the ground, pumped out through a Bowser pump.�?  Standard kerosene 10 cents per gallon.�? Get it at Lee & Prentis. You are missing something if you are not patronizing Spensleyâ�?�?s restroom. Donâ�?�?t fail to see the embroideries on sale at the Red Front Variety Store. For sale:�? A second hand Hudson auto.�? If you are looking for a snap in the auto line, confer with Thompson Lewis Co. Apples at Ridgeway Farm:�?  50 cents, 75 cents and 1.00 per bushel. Contact F. E. Jones. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1905-1905. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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