Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from The Plain Talk By: Cleo Erickson 1911 continued It is up to the City Commissioners to look up another site for the water tank, as the deal has fallen through. Mrs. Abell refuses to sign a deed for the purchase of ground back of the Chandler House. The city attorney has been instructed to open negotiations with D. M. Inman for two lots across from the Chandler House where the old tank stood.�? These can be secured for $1600.00. According to the figures in the annual city appropriation ordinance, it will require $35,700. 00 to keep the affairs of the city and public schools running smoothly.�?  Of this amount, $15,200.00 will be in charge of the city board and $20,500.00 in charge of the school board. Visit the Clay County fair next week. Every Vermillion citizen and every Clay County citizen should get behind the annual fair to be held in Vermillion next week. Indications are that the exhibit this year will be one of the finest.�? At least 3 townships will be represented, including Fairview, Vermillion and Prairie Center.�? On Wednesday, Sept. 27, attend the horse races along with acrobats and hayrack rides in front of the grandstand. Reeds Band from Sioux City will give concerts morning and evening for two days. Two good ball games are scheduled, one between Dalesburg and Meckling and the other between Vermillion and a club to be decided on.�?  There is intense rivalry between Meckling and Dalesburg and the Wednesday game will settle the champion dispute.�? An auto and ragmuffin parade will be arranged and this should prove attractive.�? We take it for granted that Vermillion merchants, business and profession men, will exert themselves this year in the matter of decorations.�? Boost the Clay County Fair.�? Write to your friends in Yankton, Gayville, Meckling, Burbank, Alsen, Dalesburg, Wakonda, Westreville, and Greenfield and urge them to attend the best county fair in South Dakota in 1911. Lost:�? A case with lenses for eye testing, and all kinds of spectacles, on the road between Elk Point and Vermillion.�? If the finder will leave at this office a reward of $10.00 will be paid. The City Commissioners have decided on the lots just south of the dray barn on Market Street as the proper location for the new water tank, and work on the concrete foundation will begin in a few days. The public drinking cups must go.�? By order of the Board of Health an order goes into effect on October 15 to do away with one of the foremost causes in spreading diseases. At a meeting of the city board the first of the week plans for numbering the houses and lots of the city were presented. The Catholic Ladies were happy to receive $225.00 for their meals they served at Michels store during the fair. Ladies, if you have not worn a Henderson Corset, try one.�? They have no equal for fit, and service.�? A style for every figure.�? Each corset guaranteed to give satisfaction.�? Sold at 50 cents to $3.00.�? Lee & Prentis. On Thursday morning the city experienced its worst blaze in years.�? Origin of the fire destroyed the J. R. Dunlap Wholesale fruit and egg house, the Spensley grocery and the Odd Fellows Hall. The fire department responded promptly, but after laying hose and opening up a hydrant it was discovered that no water was available.�?  Firemen and citizens then devoted themselves in an effort to save other buildings and homes nearby.�? When the fireman learned that no water would be forthcoming for at least an hour, they began saving the contents of the two businesses.�? Dunlap produce contained 125 cases of eggs and they were moved to safety.�? Also the books and papers were saved.�? A kerosene tank with 100 gallons of kerosene exploded and that stopped all the clearing of items.�? The Rebeccaâ�?�?s lost everything the organization owned as this order also occupied the Odd Fellows Hall. The next morning after the fire the report gained circulation that the charred remains of a man had been found in the Dunlap basement and all sorts of rumors were in the air.�? This led to the belief that someone had fallen down the steps while assisting with carrying out eggs and had been overcome with smoke, and perished in the flames.�? Another rumor thought the fellow who applied the match got caught in his own trap.�? But nothing of the kind took place.�? The fact of the matter is, lodges very often have need for peculiar paraphernalia and with the Odd Fellows it is said a skeleton is needed for the initiation exercises.�? This all caused a shudder to pass over the eyewitnesses to the apparent gruesome find in the Dunlap basement.�? As soon as new wells, engines and pumps are installed, ample water will be available for fires. Eggs are now selling at thirty cents a dozen.�?  Housewives are wondering what the top-notch price will be before winter ends.�? Some of these ladies know how to bake cakes without eggs but what about the other good things to eat that require eggs? Shop at Lee & Prentis for your Thinksgiving dinner: â�?¢ Cane granulated sugar, 16 lbs.,�? $1.00. â�?¢ Light brown sugar,�? 16 lbs.,�? $1.00. â�?¢ Best Swift Hams 12 to 16 lbs., 16cents per pound. â�?¢ Swift Picnic Hams, 8 to 12 lbs., 12 cents per pound. â�?¢ Cheese, 20 cents per pound. â�?¢ Three 2 lb. cans corn. 25 cents. â�?¢ Two 3 lb. cans tomatoes,�?  per dozen, $1.35. â�?¢ Ground coffee, 20 cents per lb. package. â�?¢Flour, 50 lb. sack, $1.55. â�?¢ Apples, $3.25 to $3.50 per barrel. The material for the new water tank was hauled up the Chandler Hill.�? Work on it should begin in a couple of weeks. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1905-1905. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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