Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the
Plain Talk
1911 continued By Cleo Erickson Official County Proceedings: Wm. Gobel mowing grass on courthouse lawn , $1.75; Peter Olson, Salary States Attorney, $87.50; �? �? �? �?  J. L Copeland, Salary County Judge, $66.65; W. R. Cleand, Salary Reg. Of Deeds ,$100.00; Theodore Anker, Salary County Auditor�?  ,$125.00; Theodore Anker, Expenses for trip to Beresford and Wakodna, $4.00; �? �? �? �? �?  Maude Sloan, Deputy County Auditor, $60.00; August Peterson, Salary County Treasurer, $125.00. Every farmer living contiguous to a road or public highway should see that the weeds on each side are cut before they go to seed. We owe it to the community in which we live to do everything possible that will be to its advantage. Plan to attend the Labor Day picnic out at the Canute Weeks farm on Monday.�?  Everyone is invited. To The Editor Of The Plain Talk The following query was forwarded to this office the first of the week: â�?�?Kindly answer through your paper which is the proper side to take when passing any vehicle, if both going in the same direction.�? I am aware that one should always keep to the right when going opposite directions.�?  Can one demand half of the road under reasonable conditions? Answer: Where both teams are going the same direction and the one coming up from behind desires to pass, the law compels the head driver to give half of the road.�? It is optional with him, which way he shall turn.�? Here is the Law:�? â�?�?One overtaking and passing another may pass on either side, using proper caution and keeping a safe distance behind when not passing.�? The leading team may travel anywhere it pleases, using, however due careâ�?.�? It has long been a common practice to give a driver with a heavy load all the best of it, the lighter vehicle passing around when possible without asking for any portion of the main road.�? This is only proper and just.�? Courtesy on the public highway should always be the rule. The main traveled road from Sioux City to Riverside Park is undergoing an oil-sprinkling test and it is believed the experiment will prove that dust can be kept down in good shape. N. T. Findahl would be pleased to get his hands on the fellow who stole a pair of black trousers from the line back of the Helgeson Pharmacy.�? He is after the offender, but will not make him trouble if the pantaloons are left at the drug store or at the front door of his pantorium upstairs. A number of business houses closed their doors at noon on Monday last in order that the employees might have a little vacation and enjoy the Labor Day Picnic at the Weeks farm.�? This is the right spirit and next year an effort should be made to have all of the merchants recognize the holiday. Through an oversight, Sheriff Partridge was not notified of the robbery at Greenfield. It might have been possible to capture the yeggman had the sheriff been summoned, as two tough looking characters are know to have boarded the early morning passenger at Burbank.�? They were also seen east of the city the day previous to the robbery and in a field on the Hundley farm a pan was found which shows the effects of a nitro-glycerin test. As soon as the Odd Fellowsâ�? building is completed the stockholders will have tenants all ready to occupy the store building. J. E. Spensley will have the west room and Blanche M. Ely signed a five-year least for the east room and will move her Ladies Toggery Shop to that location. Once again we call attention to the practice of using telephone and electric light poles as advertising mediums.�? The commissioners should pass on ordinance prohibiting cards and signs on poles. Upon the complaint of Mr. Jetley, a booze seller was arrested at Meckling.�? Sheriff Patridge brought him to Vermillion and a preliminary hearing took place before Judge Copeland.�? Two pint bottles, partially filled with whiskey, were introduced as evidence against the man, who is said to have been selling whiskey for some time at Meckling.�? His headquarters were the hotel building.�? On Saturday a local resident purchased a pint of whiskey from him paying .75 cents there for.�? On Tuesday, a similar purchase was made.�? Mr. Jetley was a witness to the sales.�?  On the bottles appear labels showing that the booze was purchased from a wholesale firm in Sioux City.�? â�?�?A straight blend whiskey, not less than 90% proof,â�? was the guarantee of the firm.�? We presume he will be on hand to stand trial but just who he is or where he hails from we cannot say. Excerpts taken from a historical edition of the Vermillion Plain Talk published in 1905-1905. 2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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