Thank you Vermillion Hy-Vee!

Thank you Vermillion Hy-Vee! The children from Trinity Lutheran Preschool would like to say â�?�?Thanksâ�? to Vermillion Hy-Vee store! The preschool children, during the 2007-2008 school year, participated in the Cash for Students program sponsored by Hy-Vee. By saving over $240,000 in receipts, Hy-Vee donated $1 for every $200 to the preschool for a total of $1,200. With the donation, the preschool purchased new playground equipment and would not have been able to make that purchase without the assistance from Hy-Vee. Trinity Lutheran preschool is under the direction of Cindy Knutson, director-teacher and Cristi McClelland, teacher assistant. The preschool is located at 816 East Clark and children from the area attend the preschool daily. The preschool along with many other schools in the Vermillion area are again collecting Hy-Vee receipts. You may drop them off at any of the schools. Thank you Vermillion and thank you Hy-Vee for your continued support.

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