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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors do two-man
scramble format On Oct. 7, the seniors were divided into two person teams and arranged in pairs according to equal competition. This format appeared to be popular with the players since you only had to win over the team against your team. Listed herein are the winning teams (of two) starting with the strongest teams first: Harlan Schott and Mo Marcotte, Bob Solomon and Pat Boyle, Don Baer and Rich Morse, Ron Steckelberg and Dick Kellogg, Vern Holter and Cleland Cook, Rex Huska and Berwyn Svoboda, then finally Ray Lynn and Jim Reed. Those persons who made great shots were Van Pierce with a 38-foot birdie putt on #3, Pat Boyle with a chip in for eagle on #6, then Ray Lynn had two super shots with a 30-foot putt on #6 and a 28-foot putt on #5. Winning todayâ�?�?s â�?�?Lucky Losersâ�? prizes was the team of Bob Lund and Maurice Erickson.

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