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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Wednesday morning ladies end season Pat Steckelberg
Publicity Wednesday morning ladies end season This is our last get together as a whole group.�?  Luncheon, bridge, dominoes, pitch and other card games all ended today.�? The golf group will still be going on for anyone that wishes to join us.�? Time will still be 9 a.m. tee off if at all possible.�? We do need to just fit in with other golfers as this time can not be guaranteed. We had 20 ladies at luncheon and it is Taylorâ�?�?s last serving from Cherry Street.�?  Sure hope to have him and Cherry Street back next summer.�? It has been great having you with us Taylor! Desserts were as always great! I can state that very honestly as I personally, as you all know, try each and every one.�? Sally Gilbertson and Barb Larson provided treat this final day.�? I shall be looking forward for next summer and the treats to come! We had a guest, Eileen Rodenscal.�? Great having you with us, hope to see you around Vermillion and next summer. Our $5 drawing was won by Eileen Turner â�?�? seed for next summer lunch? Quarters were:�? Babe Hurowitz, Jane Torkelson, Eileen Turner, Sally Gilbertson and Mary Lea Hennies. Hang onto those quarters. Janet Hoff read a great story â�?�? made us all laugh and smile â�?�? great going Janet. There were four golfers today, it was a beautiful day for us. We played â�?�?Regular Golf.â�? We did have some exciting things happen! Fritz Lefler had a par on #5 and also a putt that was around 15-20 feet on #2. She was on the green but sank it. Darlene Engbrecht also had a great day.�? She made so many wonderful strokes and most of all she had a birdie on # 5.�?  Wow!�? When on # 3, Mary Lea and I (Pat) saw a mink run across the fairway.�? Mary Lea had a wonderful putt also on #6 â�?�? it was also about 15 feet or so. No comments on what I did. Definitely could be better. Bridge: There were enough ladies for a table and Thelma Raines was the winner.�?  Dominoes: They played for â�?�?Quarters.â�? Each round there was a winner. They were: Mary Lea Hennies, Eileen Turner, Rula Hatch, Barb Larson, Darlene Engbrecht and Vaneta Yongworth.�?  Mary Lea went out nine times in a row. Great going! We had a pitch table also.�?  Agnes Mockler and Eileen�? Rodenscal were the winners.�?  See Eileen, it is good to come and join in our fun. It is sad that our summer has ended. Hope to see yaâ�?�?all next year at the Bluffs. Pat Steckelberg Publicity (Who will be back to report again!)

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