W.H. Over creates local exhibits with Between Fences

W.H. Over creates local exhibits with Between Fences Marion Kryger is lending the W.H. Over Museum a collection of fencing tools to compliment the Between Fences exhibit. Visitors are invited to examine close-up the fencing tools that have been used by the Kryger family to build and repair the many kinds of fences used on a farm. Come visit the exhibit and see if you can identify the use for each tool. The entries in the open photography Contest are now on display as are the local school art and photo contest winners. Every day more â�?�?painted picketsâ�? arrive at the museum to be added to the community fence. Come see all the entries and bring your own. The W.H. Over Museum greatly appreciates the help given by a group of Dr. Larry Bradleyâ�?�?s anthropology students in connection with the Between Fences exhibit. They gave of their time and effort to help set up the exhibit on Wednesday, Sept. 24, and then returned on Thursday for the training to be museum tour guides. Now they are taking turns during the next six weeks to serve as guides for the Between Fences exhibit. Some are helping set up special exhibits and preparing activities for children who visit. We want to publicly thank these students: Ashley Florence, Greg Brothers, Rebecca McGee, Megan Olson, Cat Herrick, Jan Nachtigall, Brandy Feaster, Karrie Oakley, Einosuke Kai, Bobbie Jo McIntyre. The Mystery Fence Contest is in full swing. No one correctly guessed the first weekâ�?�?s fence (located at the corner of Dakota and Clark beside a parking lot). However, the second fence has been correctly identified as a back porch iron fence at the Austin-Whitmore House. Can you identify this weekâ�?�?s Mystery Fence? Somewhere in this issue of the Vermillion Plain Talk is a Mystery Fence photo. Look for it; and if you are the first one to call or email the W. H. Over Museum to correctly identify the pictured fence each week, you will receive a prize.�? This is the third of six mystery photos; look for the rest each week throughout October.�? Winners in all contests will be invited to accept their prizes at the Closing Program: â�?�?Breaking Down Fences,â�? on Sunday, Nov. 2. Check the Web site for the identity of previous weekâ�?�?s photos: www.betweenfencesvermillion.org . There was no Thursday night lecture during the week of�? Dakota Days activity. However, the W.H. Over Museum float in the Dakota Days Parade featured a fence this year. Kidsâ�?�? Club and Explorer members had fun riding on the float and handing out candy.�?  The annual Native American Day Celebration was held Monday, Oct. 13 at the W.H. Over Museum.�? Kidsâ�?�? Club met from 1-4 p.m. at the museum where they learned about Native American culture through games, crafts and other activities. This year the kids�? examined Native American use of plant materials with the help of County Extension agent Cynthia Bergman who helped them make gourd spoons or dippers. The public is invited to view a special exhibit of selections from the USD Northern Plains Indian Contemporary Art Collection hanging in Sletwold Hall from Oct. 4-30. Also this week on Oct.16, we examined the Native American view of land ownership in the Thursday night lecture which featured Dr. Frank Pommersheim from the USD School of Law speaking on â�?�?Indian and Non-Indian in South Dakota:�?  Plenty of Fences But No Gates?â�?�? Next week on Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. in Sletwold Hall, weâ�?�?ll consider the years of the range wars. Christine Dando, Ph.D. from the Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Nebraska-Omaha will speak on Crossing Fences: Exploring the Changing Social Frontiers of the American Great Plains.�? �? �? �? �? �? �? �?  �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �? �?  The Between Fences exhibit will run through Nov. 2. The W.H. Over Museum will have special hours for this exhibit and will be open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday -Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday. For more information call W.H. Over Museum (605-677-5228) or Nancy Hodgson (605-957-4686) or email: whover@usd.edu or nhodgson@iw.net. More information is available at the Web site: www.betweenfencesvermillion.org.�? 

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