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Clubs and Organizations O.E.S. Juno elects officers �? �? �?  O.E.S. Junoâ�?�?s regular meeting was held Nov. 10 with Marilyn Siecke, worthy matron, George Kneebone, worthy patron, presiding. After an abbreviated business meeting due to inclement weather, installation of 2009 officers followed. �? �? �?  The installing officers were introduced: Installing Officer Mary Laroco, Sioux City, IA; Installing Marshall Loretta Johnson, Sioux City, IA; Installing Chaplain Vernon Andersen, Centerville; and Installing Organist, Barb Gough, Sioux City, IA. �? �? �?  Newly installed officers are: Worthy Matron Linda Kneebone, Worthy Patron George Kneebone, Associate Matron Vera Emerson, Associate Patron, Tom R. Hummel, Secretary Susan Lyman, Treasurer Jean Ann Prosser, Conductress June Kruger, Associate Conductress Marilyn Siecke, Chaplain Alton Siecke, Marshal Frank Stickney, Adah Kym Hummel, Ruth Gloma Kneebone, Esther Grace Bick, Martha Sylvia Rosenbaum, Electa Fran Moore, Worder Tom J. Hummel, Sentinel Ken Lyman and Prompter Sondra Stickney. �? �? �?  Evening refreshments were served by June Kruger, Janet Peterson, Katherine Colwell and Sondra Stickney. Remarks were given by Worthy Matron Linda Kneebone. Junoâ�?�?s next meeting will be Dec. 8; all Eastern Stars welcome. Power line topic at Rotary The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly luncheon meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 18, at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD. President Mary Edelen opened the meeting and led us in the invocation. This was followed by a round of singing. Rotarian Susan Tuve gave a short talk about the work of the Rotary International Foundation and its work to eradicate polio once and for all. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has issued a challenge grant of $100 million dollars and has given the money up front.�?  The first distribution of the money was used to do mass inoculations in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan. Over 170 million children were inoculated in India in January on a National Immunization Day. She also stated that Google has given the Rotary International Foundation $3.5 million dollars to aid in this fight against polio. This was followed by introduction of guests (including five seniors from Vermillion High School), and announcements. President Mary Edelen introduced Rotarian John Prescott as the speaker for the day. The subject of his presentation was the Vermillion Transmission Line Project. The purpose of the project is to build a 115 KW transmission line from the Spirit Mound substation to Vermillion and also to build an additional 115 KW line as a backup to ensure uninterruptible power supply for the city of Vermillion. Currently two companies supply Vermillion. Western Area Power Administration provides about 65 percent of the need, and Missouri River Energy Services provide the remaining 35 percent of current needs. The East River Power Cooperative does the actual transfer of energy to the city and this contract expires in 2010. The actual transfer of power is referred to as â�?�?wheeling.â�?�? If the city continues to use East River Cooperative for â�?�?wheeling,â�?�? the cost would go from the current charge of $56,000 per year to an estimated $304,000 in 2011, and would continue to rise as demand increased. Mr. Prescott informed us the city council began looking at other options. Brookings, Pierre, Beresford, Watertown, and others have built their own 115 KW lines. The advantage is local control over a portion of the electric rate paid by Vermillion customers. The plan would also avoid future uncertainty with regard to cost per KW increasing every five years under the current plan. It would also mean Vermillion is investing in itself instead of paying others. �? �?  The plan is to construct 20 miles of 115 KV lines from the substation. It would be a looped system so two routes would serve the city.�?  The approximate cost would be about $8 million.�?  Vermillion Light & Power would tap its reserves for about $2 â�?�? $2.5 million and the rest would be covered by issuing bonds to be paid back over 25 years from Light & Power. If Missouri River Energy Services leased the lines, Vermillion would have a source of revenue and would save about $37 million over 40 years. If MRES were not involved, the savings would be about $40 million over the same time period. �? �?  There will be a vote on the issuing of bonds on Jan. 20. Burbank Feeders hold first meetings �? �?  The Burbank Feeders 4-H Club met Oct. 13 and Nov. 13 for their first club meetings. Taylor Kayl, club president, led the meetings. Club members led the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge. Club goals and community service ideas for the Burbank Feeders 4-H Club were discussed. At the first meeting, Taylor Kayl gave a demonstration on â�?�?How to Make Brownies.â�? At the second meeting, Henry Lovett gave a demonstration on â�?�?Spool Knittingâ�? and Emily Rolfes gave a demonstration on â�?�?How to make Rice Krispie bars.â�? On Thursday, Nov. 13, club members met and constructed turkey centerpieces, and on Nov. 20, members visited Vermillion Assisted Living to play bingo with the residents. Club members were asked to donate two prizes for the bingo games. We are asking our 4-H members to donate used childrenâ�?�?s books for ages Kindergarten through third grade.�?  The books will be donated to the USD Spanish Club for the children in Guatemala. On Dec. 11, the club will meet at the 4-H Extension office in Vermillion. Susan Rolfes will visit our meeting and show us how to make greeting cards. ì�?�?

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