Frye is November PRIDE employee of the Month

Frye is November PRIDE employee of the Month Darlene Frye, certified nursing assistant, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center November 2008 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Darlene has been employed at Sanford Care Center Vermillion since September 2007. �? â�?�?Dar is so helpful to ALL the residents and workers. She is uplifting and encourages the�?  residents. She always has a smile on her face and works VERY hard! She goes the extra�?  mile and cares dearly for the residents! She welcomes everyone who comes into the Care�?  Center. She helps, cares, inspires, is dedicated to, respects, and encourages the residents,�?  families and staff of the Care Center! I hear the residents talk about her happy, upbeat�?  attitude. We are thankful to have such an AMAZING woman bless our lives in so many�?  ways!�?  She really puts the sweet back into the saying â�?�?Home Sweet Home;â�?�? something�?  that is sometimes lost for residents when they leave their own home. She brings it back�?  to them and everyone around! Thank you Dar!�?  â�?�?Dar is wonderful to work with. The depth of her caring is displayed daily through her conversations and moments with her residents and co-workers,â�? said Amy Thiesse, director of nursing, Sanford Care Center Vermillion. �? Dar is married to Jim Frye and they have a daughter, Jennifer who lives in Akron, IA.�?  Dar and Jim reside in Vermillion. Darlene is a native of Agar. �? 

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