Pool League

Pool League This Week in Vermillion Pool League By Joe MOJO Reiser   Week number four finds Leo's 3 on top of the league. 1)Leo's 3…67-33 67% 2)Whimps 1…49-26 65% 3)Maya Janes 2…65-35 65% 4)Eagles…60-40 60% 5)Leo's4…44-31 44% 6)Whimps2…54-46 56% 7)Char2…53-47 53% 8)Char1…35-40 47% 9)Leo's 1…46-54 46% 9)Bunyans1…46-54 46% 9)Leo's2…46-54 46% 12)Varsity…44-56 44% 13)Maya Janes3…40-60 40% 14)Pressbox…39-61 39% 15)Bunyans2…37-63 37% 16)Maya Janes1…25-50 33% Maya Janes2 defended home turf by dealing out a 19 to 6 drubbing of Leo's 1. Troy Nicks was a five-game winner with teammates Ian, Nate and Brian notching four victories each. Whimp's 1 dropped 18 wins on Bunyans 2. Dave, Skinny, Rob and Glenny Mac all posted four win nights for the "White Gloves" who serve as a  power at the top of the league. Leo's 3 held on to top standing in the league with a 15 to 10 road defeat of Bunyans 1. Cam Nettstad and Ryan Bak packed four wins into a complete night at Bunyans. The Eagles showed their talons as they raked over the Pressbox in a 15 to 10 match. Ron Johnson paced the victors with four wins as did John Pancheri for the Pressboxers. Harlan Durkin lead his Leo's 4 teammates over Char 2, with four wins. Leo's 2 downed the Varsity in a squeaker 13 to 12. Whimp's 2 was on the road at Maya Janes 3 and banged out a 13 to 12 win. There were three members of the last four teams mentioned with three victories each. The standings are not complete as Maya Janes 1 vs Char 1 score sheet was not turned into the headquarters. And on a side note… if you have a team or are an individual that enjoys nine ball competition, mention something to your favorite pub and gather a team for next season. It's a great league and the competition is a lot of fun. As for me…. I will see you on the felt surface… Thanks MOJO

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