Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1912 continued �? �? �?  Lee Chaney and the Anglin brothers are looking for a boat, as well as a large quantity of fishing material.�?  On Sunday they went to the Missouri river to fish, expecting to make a big haul. They left the river banks for a few minutes at the noon hour and picketed the boat out, throwing the oars back about 30 feet from the river.�?  Upon their return the boat had disappeared and the oars were just dropping into the Big Muddy. The bank had caved in for thirty or forty feet in that time.�?  The river has been cutting at a good clip for several days. �? �? �?  H. J. Hansen, Lawrence Lawrensen and Max Lawrensen and families went to Sioux City last Wednesday morning and came home in the evening. �? �? �?  Main street, Vermillion, will never present a tidy appearance until work in front of business houses are somewhere near uniform.�?  There is certainly nothing handsome about the present sidewalk system.�?  We believe that any man who owns a lot or business block on Main Street can afford to trear up the old dilapidated walk and put in a new one and he should see that the work is not slighted.�?  It's time to wake up and show a little enterprise. �? �? �?  The third party move is all right.�?  It will give those Republicans and Democrats who are not satisfied with the nominee of their own party the opportunity to vote for someone else.�?  Few Democrats, we believe, will vote for either Taft or Roosevelt. But more than a million Republicans will support Wilson. SUPPER TIME RECIPE:�?  Take one can of salmon and clean of bones and skin, then crumble six soda crackers with two hard boiled eggs and season with salt.�?  Take one cup of milk with flour to thicken and turn into buttered baking pan.�?  Grate one cup of cheese, spread over top and bake 20 minutes in a medium hot oven.�?  Serve with pickled onions. NEW AUTO LAWS: �? �? �?  1. On discovery of an approaching team the automoblist must stop offside and cover his machine with a tarpaulin to correspond with the scenery. �? �? �?  2. The speed limit on country roads this year will be a secret, and penalty for violating will be $10 for every mile the offender is caught going in excess of it. �? �? �?  3. Autos must be seasonably painted so they will merge with the pastoral ensemble and not be startling.�?  They must be green in spring, golden in summer, red in autumn and white in winter. �? �? �?  4. Autos running on the country roads at night must send up a rocket every mile and wait ten minutes for the road to clear.�?  They may then proceed carefully, blowing their horns and shooting Roman Candles. �? �? �?  �? �? �?  Clay County land is selling for $145 per acre. WHIRLWIND SALE AT GRANGE'S: �? �? �?  1. Ladies sunbonnets�?  13 cents each �? �? �?  2. Corsets�?  75 cents each �? �? �?  3. Petticoats only 59 cents each �? �? �?  Work on the court house is progressing nicely and from now on it is hoped there wonâ�?�?t be any serious delay because of non-arrival of material.�?  About 20 men are now employed on the job, and by the close of the week the concrete floor for the second story will have been completed.�?  Stone on the third story is now being laid and there seems little doubt but that the building will be entirely enclosed before cold weather sets in.�?  This will probably mean a completion of the new structure by the first of the year. �? �? �?  Billiard Halls must close when the new ordinance becomes effective.�?  The city commissioners voted three to two to pass an ordinance to change the hour of closing from eleven o'clock to ten o'clock and fixed the age limit of patrons to twenty-one.�?  Commissioner Harris submitted an amendment that would give the parents of young men under age the right of consent to allow their boys to patronize billiard halls.�?  Mayor Kempker contended that if the lines were drawn too closely the young men excluded from the billiard halls would be doing something else far worse that playing pool and billiards.�?  It would only be natural that they would take to card playing and gambling as a means of amusement.�?  A second reading of the ordinance will need to be read before its adoption. �? �? �?  Why wouldn't it be a pretty good idea for the business men of Vermillion to organize a booster's club for the Clay County fair?�?  An auto parade to nearby towns would serve to advertise the fair and to advertise the best city in the southeastern part of the state.�?  And it would be an enjoyable outing for all. �? �? �?  If you are going to use s shot gun this season you better step up to the County Treasurer and pay your dollar for a hunting license.�?  The 1911 license expired June 30. �? �? �?  The County Commissioners entered into contracts in the amount of $18,264.68 with bidders for wood and metal furniture, jail equipment, vault doors, electric light fixtures, and hardware for the new court house.

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