Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from Plain Talk Doc 71 �? �? �?  �? �? �?  The Wilson popcorn stand is again located on the corner just west of the Red Front Variety Store.�?  A dandy new popper and peanut roaster is now in operation under the supervision of Hugh Wilson. �? �? �?  If you want homemade sausages, weenies, minced ham, etc., buy it at the Palace Market. �? �? �?  Up to the present time only 10 residents of the city have paid dog taxes.�?  One of these days, Chie4f Sullivan will get busy with his shot gun and the dog owners will be sorry they didn?t square matter with the City Auditor Vaughn.�?  If you own a dog and didn?t pay you better get busy at once. �? �? �?  Vermillion has a curfew ordinance but it has not been in evidence for some time.�?  Now it is to become effective at once.�?  When the whistle blows at 9 o?clock every child not accompanied by a parent or proper guardian is supposed to be at home.�?  The city officials propose to enforce this ordinance. �? �? �?  Everything will be cool and comfortable at the Orpheum theatre hereafter.�?  The management has just installed four oscillating fans, operated by electricity, and has a capacity great enough to send cooling breezes to all parts of the theatre.�?  The fans will help relieve perspiration and that tired feeling that comes in July, August and September. �? �? �?  `NOTICE:�?  All parties using city water to sprinkle lawns or gardens must have meters on their hydrants.�?  Those violating this rule will lose their water privileges.�?  By George Kempner, Mayor. �? �? �?  An ex-nurse will deliver a scientific lecture on Alcoholism, Sensualist and Emancipation of the Human Race at the city theatre, Monday evening, July 1, at 8 o?clock.�?  Admission is 35 cents. �? �? �?  �? The stone to complete the basement of the court house arrived yesterday, and the work will be rushed forward as quickly as possible. �? �? �?  Some new coal sheds are being erected for the Thompson Lewis Co. near the railroad tracks.�?  The concrete foundation was completed last week and the wood work will soon be under way. �? �? �?  A TREAT:�?  Fine large new potatoes, a home grown product.�?  Get some for your table.�?  They are 4 cents per lib.�?  Lee & Prentis Co. �? �? �?  Quick service, that?s what you get when you order the Gardner 10 cent Delivery.�?  Phone 154 or 22. �? �? �?  Vermillion can boost a fine hospital that is now open.�?  All physicians of the city may use the facility and all patients will receive the best of care.�?  The rooms are light, neat and airy and nicely furnished.�?  Patients will be cared for on the 2nd floor and ten patients can be accommodated at one time.�?  The operating room is on the 3rd floor.�?  The room is large and well ventilated.�?  Miss Robbins has spared no time or expense to have everything just right. �? �? �?  IN HOT WATER:�?  That?s where you will find yourself if you patronize the bath parlor in connection with the Simons Barber Shop under the Bee Hive.�?  Plenty of hot water on hand at all times for those who desire a bath. �? �? �?  Remember you are invited to attend the big celebration at the Dawson grove southwest of the city today, which is given under the auspices of the Odd Fellows Lodge.�?  A good program has been arranged, including music, speaking, picnic dinner, sports, etc.�?  A bowery dance will be in progress afternoon and evening. �? �? �?  Several auto owners of the city drove to Sioux City to investigate the streets there which have been oiled.�?  They were favorable impressed with the roads under the crude oil process.�?  There has been some talk of oiling the principal business streets of Vermillion, but no definite action has been taken as yet. �? �? �?  The appearance of the lobby and writing room at the Waldorf Hotel has been greatly improved by the completion of the work on the steel ceiling and walls.�?  The furniture and woodwork has all be newly painted and oiled and everything about the hotel is neat and attractive at this time. �? �? �?  The city commissioners have agreed to oil the streets along several blocks in East Vermillion if property owners will furnish the oil. A move is on foot to raise the money and it is expected that a car of crude oil will be ordered shortly.�?  If it can be proven that oiled streets are an advantage in keeping down the dust and in making better roads, it is possible that the work will be extended too many parts of the city. �? �? �?  It will now be possible to mail letters without going to the post office.�?  Ten boxes are being placed at points about the city, and mail will be taken up by the carriers twice each day. �? �? �?  A young man named Delaurier, in company with Miss Gregorian, was headed towards Vermillion.�?  He was driving a single horse attached to a top buggy.�?  An auto came along, crashed into the buggy, and tipped the occupants out.�?  The young lady was quite severely injured, but the young man escaped with only slight bruises.�?  The driver of the auto, instead of stopping to give aid, hurried on towards his destination apparently without thought or care for the welfare of the young people.�?  The young lady was unconscious for some time after being carried into the Cowles home, but has shown improvement during the past week.�?  No clue has been secured as to who was driving the auto, hence no arrests have been made.

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