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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors enjoy favorable weather �? �? �?  On Nov. 4, warm temperatures found favor for the 26 who came to play golf. The format was a three-man scramble. �? �? �?  Placing first and second with a score of 35 each were the teams of Jim Grabowski,k Dick Kellogg and Harlan Schott followed by Cleland Cook, Vern Holter and Dave Raabe. The third place team had a visitor playing with them, Jeff Beringer, son of Ken Beringer, plus his father, Ken Beringer along with Guy Button carded a 36. �? �? �?  Taking fourth place with a 37 was the team of Dick Gregory, Lloyd Helseth and Ross King. In the four-man match play division, top honors went to Elmer Mount, Alan Clem, Dick Burbach and Dave Zimmer. Several long birdies were recorded this session. �? �? �?  Listed by length, this is the results: a 60-footer by visitor Jeff Beringer at #9; a 45-footer by Cleland Cook at #2; a 27-footer by Jack Doyle at #2; a 17-footer by Lloyd Helseth at #7; and an eight-footer by Guy Button at #3. �? 

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