The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice Vermillion remembers vets Tuesday By David Lias
Plain Talk �? �? �? �?  No one would blame Vermillion citizens for staying home Tuesday morning. �? �? �?  The weather was less than ideal, with freezing rain followed by a thick coat of wet snow. �? �? �?  Icy streets and sidewalks, however, werenâ�?�?t enough to stop a capacity crowd from taking part in the Tuesdayâ�?�?s Veterans Day observance in Sletwold Hall at the W.H. Over Museum. �? �? �?  â�?�?Today, we honor those great veterans who have given their lives in the defense of liberty,â�? said Roger Kozak, commander of American Legion Post 1 of Vermillion. â�?�?We also recognize all veterans who have honorably worn the uniform of this great nation. �? �? �?  â�?�?To all of our veterans, we have a simple, but heartfelt message: Thank you,â�? he said. â�?�?We want you to know that your service serves to inspire others who follow in your footsteps. Thank you for your selfless service in peacetime and war, here in this nation, and throughout the world.â�? �? �? �?  Eldon Nygaard gave the keynote address at Tuesdayâ�?�?s services. Heâ�?�?s known by most people in the Vermillion area as an attorney, retired USD professor and owner and operator of Valiant Vineyards. �? �? �?  Tuesday it was evident by the U.S. Army uniform that Nygaard was wearing that he has served our country in the military. �? �? �?  He asked the Vermillion audience to never forget the sacrifices made not only by veterans of past wars, but members of the armed services who currently are in harmâ�?�?s way. �? �? �?  â�?�?News reports reminds us each day that some of these young veterans â�?�? young Americans â�?�? may not see their homeland again,â�? Nygaard said. â�?�?Others will return disabled as a result of their sacrifice for this great country. Deep within us, weâ�?�?re all touched by their valor, and willingness to do what is necessary to keep this nation free. �? �? �?  â�?�?Their heroism is a prompted by a faith,â�? he said, â�?�?in the fundamentals that have guided this nation from the very beginning. The idea of liberty must be protected, whatever the cost. Freedom is not free.â�? �? �? �?  Nygaard said women and men who have been disabled from their service in the military â�?�?bear a burden of diminished ability, but not diminished spirit. They are a reflection of not what can be lost, but what can be gained. �? �? �?  â�?�?Our disabled veterans should be honored and respected just as those who have sacrificed their lives,â�? he said. â�?�?They continue to serve and make this country great.â�? �? �? �?  Nygaard said some veterans fear they will be forgotten. �? �? �?  â�?�?I doubt that,â�? he said. â�?�?No freedom-loving American could forget. Just as you in Vermillion have gathered here to today to honor our veterans, we gather all over America today to honor them.â�? �? �? �?  Time and again, Nygaard said, American men and women have answered the call to defend our nation. �? �? �?  â�?�?For all of you citizens gathered here today, let us take note of our responsibility,â�? he said, â�?�?to think of our young Americans who are doing their duty in the worldâ�?�?s most dangerous places. Let us reaffirm our dedication to the veterans of tomorrow, and as we do so, let us note the just treatment of the veterans of today.â�?

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