Vermillion police investigating fraud

Vermillion police investigating fraud The Vermillion Police Department is investigatinga series of fraud reports in which victims have been solicited through both email and telephone. The messages appear legitimate to the unsuspecting, and even carry the name of a local banking institution. Victims are told that their accounts are being suspended before they are prompted to enter account numbers, expiration dates and PIN numbers. An investigation has revealed that the calls and messages originate overseas, and in instances where account numbers were provided, there have been fraudulent attemptsto withdraw funds. The police department is cautioning residents to refrain from respondingto the messages. According to Vermillion Police Captain Chad Passick, â�?�?People seem to be more suspicious of phishing emails today. The auto-dialed telephone calls associated with this scam, however, have had some success. We remind residents to never respond with account numbers to any unsolicited call or e-mail.â�? If any message causes a person legitimate concern about an account, that person should initiate contact with their banking institutionto verify account status.

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