Armed robber receives 20-year sentence

Armed robber receives 20-year sentence By David Lias
Plain Talk An Arkansas man was sentenced for his role in the armed robbery of Davis Pharmacy in Vermillion just in time to spend Christmas in the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls. Matthew Doolin of Mountain View, AK was sentenced to 20 years behind bars by Circuit Court Judge Arthur Rusch Dec. 22, minus 173 days he has served in the Clay County Jail since his arrest last July. Doolin pleaded guilty to first degree robbery, falsely reporting a threat, one count of possession of a controlled substance, and one count of aggravated assault on Nov. 14 In exchange, other charges were dismissed, including second degree kidnapping, and a second count of possession of a controlled substance. The guilty pleas allowed Doolin to avoid a jury trial, which was scheduled to begin last month. Doolinâ�?�?s accomplice in the armed robbery, Julie Doolin, also of Mountain View, AK, also entered not guilty pleas last July to one count each of first-degree robbery, second-degree kidnapping; aiding, abetting or advising the false reporting of a threat; aggravated assault and grand theft; and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Last month, she, too, changed her pleas and no longer faces second degree kidnapping and grand theft charges. She remains in the county jail awaiting sentencing to prison. The original drug and grand-theft charges involve possession of Oxycodone and Xanax, with a value of more than $1,000. Shortly before 9 p.m. July 1, the Vermillion Police Department received a report that a robbery had occurred at the pharmacy. Information that developed during the ensuing investigation indicated one male and one female suspect, both of whom were armed with handguns. The two suspects came into the pharmacy with pistols and tied up two persons with tape, said Tom Lavin, owner of Davis Pharmacy. Lavin said the two suspects wanted only drugs, then fled out the back door. One of the two victims freed himself and called police, who arrived quickly on the scene, Lavin said. The suspects ran to a vehicle parked in the Jonesâ�?�? Food Center parking lot and sped away. The suspects knew what they were looking for when they entered the pharmacy, Lavin said. The investigation ultimately led to a North Sioux City officerâ�?�?s discovery of a vehicle matching the description in the North Sioux City area. Upon the officerâ�?�?s attempt to stop the vehicle, the suspects fled and a pursuit ensued. Union County authorities ultimately stopped the vehicle and apprehended the Doolins. The suspects were held in connection with the robbery as the investigation continued. Agencies involved in the investigation, in addition to the Vermillion Police Department, included the Clay County Sheriffâ�?�?s Department, Union County Sheriffâ�?�?s Department, Jefferson Police Department, Elk Point Police Department, North Sioux City Police Department and South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks. Because a firearm was involved in the crime, Doolin will have to serve at least 10 years in the penitentiary before he is eligible for parole. After he is released from the penitentiary, he then must follow 10 conditions ordered by the court or face the possibility of serving up to another 14 years behind bars. Those conditions include: â�?¢ Being under the supervision of the board of pardons and paroles. â�?¢ Obeying all federal, state and local laws. â�?¢ No consumption of alcohol beverages or controlled substances. â�?¢ Being subject to random search and seizure by parole or law enforcement officers. â�?¢ Payment of all fines, costs and restitution ordered by the court. â�?¢ Cooperation with all drug treatment available while incarcerated and obtain a drug evaluation after his release. â�?¢ Unless attending an educational or training program, he must work regularly at a lawful occupation. â�?¢ He may not own or possess any firearms and may not obtain a permit for a concealed weapon. â�?¢ He shall repay the county for all court-appointed attorney fees. â�?¢ He shall repay the state of South Dakota for the costs of his prosecution.

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