Cats should come in pairs

Cats should come in pairs By Bob Karolevitz Baxter and Bailey (both rescued cats) came to our place from a friend who lives in Kansas City. Baxter was a too-fat male, and Bailey (the female) was about half his size – but they came from the same litter. Both were black as the ace of spades. At first we had trouble telling them apart, until Baxter just lay there, and got fatter, while Bailey (who ate out of the same dish) did her exercises and stayed the same. We discovered another distinguishing feature, however. Bailey had long tufts of hair on each of her ears! Bailey was an active cat, and when Baxter went to the Giant Cat Box in the Sky, Phyllis had extra ammunition for her anti-sedentary lifestyle. Bailey mourned the loss of her partner, but she stayed busy. She adopted Phyllis, and followed her around like a puppy dog. And if you want to stay active, just duplicate Phyllis's footsteps around the house!! When she was at the computer, Bailey sat on the desk in front of the screen! When my wife went to bed, Bailey followed her – but she didn't stay there too long. After she figured Phyllis was tucked in for the night, Bailey left to do her mischief in the dark. One of the things I know she did (the cat and not my wife) she knew how to open the door to the linen closet because everything was pulled out and scattered about. Probably she was making a nest, but we never knew what was going on in that cat's mind. At times we'd watch her sitting at the top of the basement stairs. We imagined she was looking for Baxter to go with her down there to their feeding dish! In the daytime, she mostly slept, cuddling up, but mostly always underfoot. She spent a few moments every day staring through the screen door at the sparrows circling around the bird feeder on the patio. Or she'd sit on the lamp table in the living room, looking out the window. Again probably hoping to see Baxter! That's why I think that cats should come in pairs. I just don't know what Bailey is thinking, but whatever it is, it probably has to do with her old buddy. The same is true for horses – but I'll leave that go for another column. Bailey's mourning – or whatever it is – is more than enough for a piece that should be jolly! © 2008 Robert F. Karolevitz

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