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Clubs and Organizations Review of Sons of Norway Sons of Norway, Lillehammer Lodge #1-633 met on June 17 at Christ the King Church in Yankton.  President Earl Reese led the group in the anthems of Norway and the United States, accompanied by Vionna Ranney, as well as the pledge to our flag. The program was presented by Carol Sarringer, of Volin, speech/language clinician for the Hurley-Parker schools. This position requires a master's degree in communication disorders and she has been with the school system for 17 years. Ms. Sarringer works with children birth to 21 years of age. Progress of learning takes time, with special sounds hard for some to learn and parental help is frequently needed.  Testing criteria varies by age level with some having autism problems with various levels of severity. She fielded a lot of questions from members.  The meeting continued with the roll call of officers and minutes of the last meeting by Secretary Beverly Lowe. Gene Iverson gave the treasurer's report, with a discussion of reimbursement of convention expenses. Convention activities held June 12-14 at Mankato, MN were reported by the delegates.  Voting delegates numbers about 225 and about 25 guests were also registered. JoAnne Christensen reported on the meals, Norwegian costumes worn by some of the members, vendors offering a wide variety of items, and the crafts competition. JoAnne also spoke about a rosemaling class in Sioux Falls taken earlier in the week. Connie Kendall reported on the silent auction, which brought in a total of $3160 for the SON Scholarship Foundation, and the purchases she made from the wide variety of vendors for a variety of Christmas gifts for her family. Carol Broderson reported the convention theme was "Norse Star to North Star" which was painted on the voting paddles. Also reporting on the caucuses where "Sister Lodges" were proposed, and delegates picked for the International Convention later in the year.  In the General Assembly the "Sister Lodges" proposal was accepted and a proposed name change for the SON was rejected. The next convention will be in Rochester, MN in 2010. Marion Elmquist spoke on "Ski for Light", a program for furnishing ski guides for blind skiers. This started in Norway 45 years ago and is also used in Canada and the United States. The July Meeting will be held July 15th at 6 pm at the Nebraska Gavins Point Overlook with a pot luck supper and a talk by the Ranger at that station. The birthday song was sung for the June birthdays and the table prayer led by Arnold Anderson. Carol Broderson, reporter Lonning addresses Vermillion Rotary The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly luncheon meeting on Tuesday, November 25, at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD.  The meeting was opened by President Mary Edelen, who also led the club in the invocation.  This was followed by a round of singing, introduction of guests (including 4 seniors from Vermillion High School), and announcements. Rotarian Barry Vickrey introduced Jacquie Lonning as our speaker for the day.  Jacquie is the Coordinator of the Center for Academic Engagement at USD. The center coordinates service learning as an activity that allows students to connect their classroom learning to community action.  Service learning can take many forms, from involvement in local community projects to grant writing, faculty service learning, and interim study abroad. One such involvement is a proposed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on Jan. 19, 2009.  The idea is to mark the day as a 'Day on, not a Day Off.' By this she means a national day of service to the community. The goal is to get as many as 500 volunteers involved at Northern State, SDSU, and here in Vermillion in meeting local needs.  They have also stipulated at least 15 percent diversity of volunteers. In Vermillion itself they would like to see 300 volunteers assigned to groups of 10. Each group would be given a task and a small amount of money to help accomplish the task. Groups would also be encouraged to help each other in reaching their goals. An associated task would be to try to document the experience.  An Implementation Team needs to be set up to deal with fundraising, project development (what are the tasks to be accomplished), coordinating the actual event, and entertainment at the evening dinner. Anyone interested can attend meetings on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. at 118 Old Main. More information may be obtained at their Web site: http://sites,,sdmlkday/. She also informed us of a program the center coordinates called AWOL, or Alternative Week of Off-campus Learning. The idea is to devote the week between semesters to various projects all over the country. A Student Leadership Team provides leadership. Potential members are subject to written and oral interviews.  There is also 6 weeks of training. On site participation during the week may require eight to 15 hours of involvement and reflection. A presentation about the experience is also expected after returning to campus. Jacquie also suggested ways for the general public to become involved by offering experience to the students and by fund contribution.  Jacquie can be contacted at or 605-677-6338. Lodge learns of identity theft Lillehammer Lodge #1-633, Sons of Norway, met at Christ the King Lutheran Church on Sept. 16.  President Joanne Christensen led the group in the national anthems of Norway, and the United States and the flag pledge. President Joanne opened the meeting by reporting that the minutes had been approved at the board meeting. Treasurer Gene Iverson gave a report of the Lodge finances, accepted by the members. Carol Broderson gave a report on the International SON Convention held recently in San Diego, CA.  She mentioned some of the activities, meetings, and information obtained during those meetings. Don Thompson spoke on the upcoming Lutefisk Supper, held Nov. 8, at the Yankton Senior Center, requesting volunteers to help with the serving, etc. A bake sale will be held at that time. Ms. Matuska, will attend the next meeting and will complete the arrangements with the members. The meeting was adjorned. Eric Kolda, officer with the Yankton Police Department, gave a talk on identity theft. He told of the many ways a person's identity may be accessed easily. Members were told to always check bank and credit card statements, not to give out personal information over the phone or the Internet, and be cautious with receipts and anything that may help with that fraud. The members had lots of questions answered. September birthdays were read, the birthday song was done for them led by Pres. Joanne. The Norwegian table prayer was spoken by all members and a social time with lunch was enjoyed.

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