Dangler is Sanford <br />December 2008 employee

Dangler is Sanford
December 2008 employee Lisa Dangler, occupational therapist, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) December 2008 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Lisa has been employed at Sanford Vermillion since September 1997. "Lisa is an employee who has weathered many changes and several years of jam-packed schedules. Lisa demonstrates a 'work-horse' work ethic by managing every aspect of her job to the highest degree of quality and she manages it all without a gripe, grumble, or complaint.  Lisa's daily priorities are for the safety, satisfaction, comfort and care of every patient she works with. This is shown through her willingness to coming in early, departing late and accommodating patients by working over the noon hour. Lisa readily helps to cover maternity leaves for weeks at a time and jumps in to fill in for sick calls and vacations. She truly exemplifies what it is to be a team player by spending her days taking on more work herself so others won't feel the pressure. A true PRIDE employee."  These comments were shared in nominations for Dangler. "Lisa is a kind and caring person with an innate desire to help people. We are fortunate to have her as a member of our rehab department." said Bob Brockevelt, rehabilitation manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. Dangler was previously honored as the PRIDE Employee of the Month in July 2002. Lisa (Manas) Dangler is a native of Lesterville. She is married to Wade Dangler. They have four children and reside in Yankton.

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