Police extend safety greeting

Police extend safety greeting The Vermillion Police Department encourages people to enjoy the holidays while continuing to practice safe driving habits. According to Police Chief Art Mabry, one of the most important practices is to Buckle Up, Every Trip, Every Time. "Our cars are designed to prevent or reduce injuries in an accident provided we use the safety restraints," he said. "If we don't use them, we greatly increase the odds of being ejected which is statistically shown to most likely result in death or serious injury." Buckling up isn't limited to adults, but includes the proper use of child seats. Children learn from and repeat their parents' actions. Consequently, it is important for parents to set the proper example by wearing their seat belts at all times. The police department offers the services of two officers who are certified in the proper installation of child seats to parents who want to ensure their car seats are properly installed. This service is available to anyone at no cost. The police department encourages all parents with child seat age children to take advantage of this benefit. Parents should contact the police department at 677-7070 to schedule a time.

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