SDPB will offer<br />3 digital channels

SDPB will offer
3 digital channels It's South Dakota Public Broadcasting times three as the statewide television network offers three digital channels, beginning Jan. 5. For those who already are watching digital television, here's an update. On Jan. 5: SDPB1 = main channel, in HD. The main SDPB channel will become SDPB1. Until Jan. 5, SDPB1 has featured the PBS HD channel. SDPB2 = PBS World. SDPB2, which has been the main channel, will become PBS World.  SDPB3 = Create. SDPB3 will start on Jan. 5, featuring the Create channel. Since channels have changed and one has been added, users may have to scan for channels again. This is a function of your television set-up menu or your converter box set-up. Schedules can be found in the top menu under "Schedules" at For those who are not familiar with the world of digital television and multicasting: Digital Television allows broadcasters to offer more than one channel. In SDPB's case, that means SDPB will be offering  three different channels at the same time. When a viewer tunes to SDPB, the TV likely will display the call letters and channel number as usual, but with a .1, .2 or .3 next to the channel number. Still using an older TV and an antenna By now, viewers should have a converter box that will allow the older TV to get digital channels. Remember: analog broadcasting will end Feb. 17. Call 800-456-0766 if you stopped using the converter box because your reception was not good, or ?if you need to order your $40 government coupon (two per household allowed) so you can get a price break on converter boxes. If you need some antenna adjustments or changes to get SDPB over the air, please note whether you will need a VHF or UHF antenna after Feb. 17. If you use a pay service like cable or satellite, and you don't have the option for all three SDPB channels, contact your service provider to request the channels. SDPB Television's main channel includes vital, interesting and educational programs for and about South Dakota; educational, entertaining and non-violent children's programs; top series and programs from national sources like PBS and international sources like the BBC; and all the programs South Dakota has come to rely on through the years. SDPB2 Programming on PBS WORLD will include some of Public Broadcasting's most popular series like American Experience, History Detectives, Independent Lens, NATURE, NOVA, Scientific American Frontiers and Wild Chronicles. The channel also will feature respected news and talk programs like Frontline, The NewsHour, Nightly Business Report, Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose. Television events like Ken Burns' The War will be offered in addition to a variety of special programs, series and independent programs. SDPB3 Create is a channel that fits into a variety of lifestyles. Create offers a suite of lifestyle and how-to programs, from the network that created the genre. Viewers will gain information on how to cook, garden, build, sew, paint, travel and create. The channel eventually will include 45 separate programs including favorites like This Old House, America's Test Kitchen, Rick Steves' Europe and The Victory Garden. South Dakota Public Broadcasting is a statewide multi-media network offering quality entertainment and lifelong learning via Television, Radio, Internet and Education & Outreach. For information about SDPB and the Friends of SDPB, go to or call 800-456-0766.

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