Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights From the Plain Talk
1913 By Cleo Erickson J. C. F. Elmore received on Monday of this week, the finest hearse ever shipped to this part of the state. It is gray in color and equipped modern style. It is manufactured by the Northwest Casket Company and is one of their best carriages for caskets.  Mr. Elmore is justly proud of the new hearse and believes Clay County people will appreciate his investment of about one thousand dollars. Dr. J. L. Martin and R. C. Davis families were delayed several hours on their trip home from Lake Corona, Minnesota as the axel on their auto broke.  However, they brought home a fine bunch of pike, pickerel and bass. The Waldorf Barber Shop is now open with Jubal Ostlund as proprietor.  There are three chairs, three barbers and bath rooms in connection. Only the best workmanship is secured at this shop. The Sept 4, 1913 Plain Talk states that the beautiful Ely home on Court Street is now owned by A. E. Lee, he having purchased the same last week. The family will occupy the residence in a short time. Attention was called last week to the fact that Vermillion has a speed ordinance for autos.  Ten miles an hour is the limit and there will be no excuse hereafter for the driver who violates the law.  Laws were made to be obeyed and not to break. No favors will be shown. Lee & Prentis: Corn Flakes  – 4 pkg's for 25 cents Alaska Salmon, 1 lb can for 10 cents Sardines in oil & cans for 25 cents Prunes, 5 cents per pound Bacon per pound,.15 cents 100 pounds sugar, $5.25 Telephone your order to us at Phone: 266. Veterans of the Civil War will depart for Chattanooga, Tenn., to attend the annual national G. A. R. encampment.  Those attending will be Commander J. L. Jolley, B. S. Payne, Henry Martin, and possibly F. E. Jones.  A special sleeper will be given the old soldiers starting from Yankton. There are over 500 voters in Vermillion and an inspection of the registration book in the office of the city clerk reveals the fact that only about 50 voters have registered.  Are you one of the 50 out of 450? Keep off the timbers where new cement sidewalls are being laid.  It is a great inconvenience to the builders when someone walks on the stakes and puts them out of plum. Fifty stacks of hay on the bottom west of the city and between the Lee-Prentis grove and the Hazelton Ranch went up in smoke.  Cause of the fire was sparks from the train engine. Harry Ballard and Miss Mary Lynch were married at Sioux City last week.  Mrs. G. W. Ballard is the mother of the groom and his wife is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lynch. Automobile number tags will be red in color with white figures for next year.  No chance for the automobilist getting by with the old numbers. The County Commissioners are forced to buy a new safe for the Treasurer's office because the old safe which has done service for over 30 years is out of commission.  Bids are being advertised but in the meantime no cash will be received at the Treasurer's office after 4:00 o'clock until the new safe is installed.

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