Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1913 Doc 76 All the contracts for work on the new court house have now been awarded.  We predict it will mean an investment close to the $100,000.00 mark. The commissioners made a good selection in naming John Bergman as janitor for the new courthouse.  The job is a pretty good one, after all, when one stops to consider that a nice suite of rooms, including parlor, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and pantry is furnished the janitor and his family free of charge, and these will be steam heated and electrical lighted. COUNTY BILLS ALLOWED AT COMMISSIONERS MEETING: Handy Andy shoveling snow  $3.00 P. F. Cavanaugh heating and plumbing  $3.00 R. C. Davis merchandise for pauper  $2.80 City of Vermillion for water rent  $10.00 Mrs. Tomason for washing for pauper  $1.50 Hiram South, Supt of Poor Farm  $50.00 Alice Cope, Supt of Schools Salary  $113.97 Nellie South, Work at poor farm  $12.00 Maude Sloan, Salary Dep. Co. Treasurer  $65.00 NEW BUILDING FOR USD: Legislature appropriates $75,000.00 for a new Chemistry Building on campus. It took a great deal of wire pulling to secure a new building at USD this year, but the senators and representatives finally concluded that it was a wise move, and hence the sum of $75,000.00 the day before the legislature adjourned.  $15,000.00 will be available for 1913 and the remaining $60,000.00 in 1914.  This means the contract can be awarded and at least the basement completed this year. Up to 10 o'clock last Monday night the Fireman's dance passed off very quietly, but about that time a little scrap took place which for a time marred the pleasure of the annual event.  Before the smoke of battle cleared away the police officers were called and 2 of the offenders were ejected from the building and locked up.  One of them, the officers say, resisted arrest, and it was necessary to bring the big stick down on his head.  It was a letting blow and a physician was summoned later to close the wound, being compelled to take several stitches. Mayor George Kempker announced his resignation to take effect at the next regular meeting of the city commission. The Plain Talk regrets his decision, yet under all the circumstances we can hardly blame him.  He is the second Mayor to resign under the commission plan. Mr. Ferry resigned at the end of his first year after the adoption of the commission form of government. When anyone comes to our town grasp him by the hand and tell him what bright prospects the town has.  Don't stand around like a dressed up lot of dummies.  If you really have not the heart to speak a cheery word or lend your influence in behalf of your town for mercy sake hide yourself when strangers come to visit us. You can send parcel post packages after July 1 collect.  This is another nail in the coffin of the express company. THREE COMMISSIONERS: A petition is being circulated to put a proposition up to the voters.  There are those in the city who believe that three commissioners could yet get along in the management of the city better than five.  The commission system would mean one mayor and two commissioners. If the old adage holds good, our people can expect rain each Sunday for seven Sundays.  It rained on Easter. The voters of Spirit Mound Township decided there was no need for a new grader. Contractor John Malloy announces his firm is just about ready to turn the new court house over to the commissioners.  It will be several weeks before the decorators finish up work but this is a separate contract and has nothing to do with Hintz & Malloy. G. H. Brown has disposed of his interest in the meat market.  Mr. Brown has been appointed district manager for the Yoeman in the territory. The County Commissioners still have it in their own power to say whether or not a saloon shall operate in a territory over which they hold supervising domain.  A town or city may vote to license a saloon but the county commissioners can refuse to grant a county license and their action is final.  The Supreme Court has decided that they are sole judges. A new shipment of cheese of unusually good flavor brick and layer, has just been received at the J. W. Grange & Co. store.  Cream Cheese:  20cents per pound, Brick cheese 20 cents per pound, 4 packages of corn flakes 25 cents, Grape Nuts 15 cents for 2 packages.  Bring in your butter and eggs and trade them for groceries or will give cash. A law passed by the last session of the legislature will make a revolutionary change in future campaigns in this state.  There will be no more free cigars, as the law strictly forbids treating by a candidate or his friends.  His campaign expenditures are limited to ten per cent of the annual salary of the office to which he aspires, and his actions are restricted to such an extent that one paper remarks that if a candidate does not take to the tall grass immediately after he is announced before the primary, he is more apt to land in the penitentiary than in office.

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