Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk By Cleo Erickson 1913 NEW OFFICERS TAKE CHARGE AT COURT HOUSE: Only four changes in the county offices will take place this year.�?  The other officers were all re-elected Charles Sundling succeeds W. R. Cleland as Register of Deeds, Nelson Weeks will be found in the Clerk of Courts Office in place of C. I. Vaughn, Peter Olson steps down as Stateâ�?�?s Attorney, and H. G. Tilton steps into that office.�?  G. A. Richardson is succeeded as Commissioner by J. C. Dawson.�?  Officers holding over are August Peterson, Treasurer, James Patridge, Sheriff, Alice Cope, Superintendent, J. A. Copeland, Judge.�?  The Democrats have the Treasurer, Sheriff and one Commissioner; The Republicans have the rest of the offices. Robert Royem arrived in the city yesterday and has resumed his duties at the Helgeson Pharmacy.�?  He has been in Rapid City the past three weeks. W. S. Burr left three brooms which he recently manufactured, and needless to say, they â�?�?sweep cleanâ�?.�?  The Burr factory has been turning out brooms for years and most local families will have no other.�?  And thatâ�?�?s the right spirit, too.�?  Buy at home and stick to the brand. Ninety Five per cent of the business in the business world is based upon credit.�?  Good credit is, therefore, a most essential item in every business. An auction sale will be held Saturday afternoon at the Salmer building on Main Street when the effects of the B & B Caf�?© will be sold to the highest bidder for cash.�?  Some fine bargains will be offered to the buyers. The death of D. M. Inman, of Vermillion, removes from activity in South Dakota one of the states pioneers.�?  He came from New York State, an ardent Democrat.�?  His ancestors were of Colonial stock and to one family a father and 6 sons served in the Revolutionary War.�?  In December of 1874, he was united in marriage to Miss Adele Lewis of Columbus, Wisconsin and they came at once to make their home in Vermillion.�?  In 1875 he established the Inman bank and in 1891 it became the First National Bank. His death took place in Clarendon, N.Y. while visiting his brother. R. J. McVicker comes into possession of the Thompson grocery, which for several months has been operated by A. J. Parsons. �? We understand that a gentleman has been in the city the past few days looking for a location for a 5-10-25 cent store.�?  He is favorably impressed with the Idle Hour Theatre building and may be able to arrange to establish a business therein. �? The â�?�?turkey trotâ�? â�?�?bunny hugâ�? and â�?�?chicken flipâ�? have never been put on at Vermillion; therefore, there is no cause for unrest among mothers here who have daughters that attend dances. Ladies of Vermillion, have you been in the habit of playing bridge whist for prizes?�?  If you have, better be a little bit careful in the future. A bill has been introduced at Pierre to prohibit card games for money or property.�?  Now isnâ�?�?t that just mean, and the women have no recourse, not even the ballot.�?  The house has already passed the bill. Visitors to the new court house are numerous these days and all are enthusiastic over the structure.�?  While it is a long ways from being completed, yet enough interior work has been done to show that everything will be neat and tasty when the finishing touches have been administered. Carpenters are getting the woodwork in shape to put in place, and the tile masons are busy in the corridors. If you desire Missouri river water hauled to your home, leave orders at the Helgeson Pharmacy. Phone 16 or see A. A. Bell.�?  Water taken directly from the Missouri River. The City Commissioners have decided to dispose of the house located on the lots near the water tank.�?  It has not been occupied for some time and has never brought in much rent. License to wed was issued on the 8th of February to Martin Knutson and Emma J. Lund both living on Route 3. The deed was placed on record this week whereby Oliver Chaussee transfers to John Bruyer his 80 acre farm in Fairview township for a consideration of $14,000.00 or $175.00 per acre.�?  This is probably the highest price ever paid for so many acres of Clay County real estate.�?  Mr. Chaussee has purchased the Doan property on Center Street and will move to the city in a short time. Only a few Vermillion people have learned the new â�?�?Kangarooâ�? dance.�?  It was first introduced in this city a couple of weeks ago, and the music was furnished by the sheriff and stateâ�?�?s attorney of Clay County.�?  Some people declare that it is not to their liking, while others are non-committed.�?  A public demonstration will be given at the court house along in April for the benefit of Judge Smith.�?  We understand that this is one of the few dances on record where lady partners are not in evidence. COMMISSIONERS LET BIDS FOR COURT HOUSE: �? Christopher Grosse awarded contract for center walks at $1,024.00 and retaining wall concrete blocks at $2,200.00. John Sheldon awarded bid for painting floors at $136.40 for the work and 22.32 cents per square yard above the certain amount of floor space. O. B. Severson gets grading contract for $252.00. W. G. Collins and Co. of Omaha was awarded $2,675.00 for interior decorating. Orchard & Wilhelm of Omaha will furnish about 100 yards of linoleum at $1.16 per square yard. The University museum will undergo a complete renovation and rehabilitation during the next few weeks.�?  The services of W. H. Over, a specialist in museum work has been obtained and he is at the present time engaged in the cataloging of the collection in order that they may be properly arranged and mounted.�?  For the past few years the collection has exceeded the amount of available space and this condition can be accentuated by the recent very valuable collection.

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